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Fans Stand Up For Tammy Slaton, Sick Of Amy’s Disrespect

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1000-Lb. Sisters cast member Amy Halterman has been getting a lot of support from her fans on social media. She continues to share some adorable photos with her boys. In a recent post, however, fans noticed that she has started to get some hate. In fact, a couple of her fans have decided to clap back at the way that she treats her sister. These fans started to stand up for Tammy Slaton no matter what her sister said about her along the way.

Amy Halterman’s New Post Gets Hate

This week on Amy’s Instagram, she shared an adorable picture of herself with Glenn. She captioned this picture, “Just thinking of you brightens my morning.” What seemed to be a very innocent and sweet post ended up getting some very rude comments. One of her followers wrote, “But maybe her sister is mad at some stuff we don’t see. It’s between them and it ain’t right but everyone has ups and downs don’t need others telling them oh that’s wrong. They have enough sisters and brother to help.”

Amy Halterman- Instagram
Amy Halterman- Instagram

Another added, “Love Amy but that fork lift comment about Tammy was messed up especially since she finally got her approval. I’m glad Amanda stirred her away from that kind of talk. You said you would never be jealous of her success but that’s like the second and third time you’ve made a slick comment about her. Saying nobody cared about her little two pounds. It was about Glenn that wasn’t right either. In Tammy situation every pound counts and you know that.”

Amy & Tammy’s Relationship

Ever since 1000-Lb. Sisters began, fans have seen a close, yet strained relationship between Amy and Tammy. Tammy’s family almost lost her due to her health a few times. This really shook them up. They were getting ready to plan her funeral, but she ended up coming out of it. That is when we finally saw her find motivation again. She checked herself into a weight loss rehab facility and has done great since being there, albeit a few hiccups. In fact, 14 months later, she is finally out and living a sober lifestyle while waiting for her husband to get released.

While Amy and Tammy haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything, there are fans torn about which one of the sisters to support. They both are on a weight loss journey, but some fans think that Amy is using her pregnancies to fall back into those old habits. While Tammy, who has lost more weight than ever is being critiqued by her sister no matter what.

1000-Lb Sisters- YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters- YouTube

Do you think that Amy is rude to her sister? Does Tammy deserve to be treated better or is it all just sisterly banter? Tell us what you think in the comments and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. I think Amy is just over Tammy’s shenanigans and Tammy everyone to cater to her even if it was killing her.. Even though you get tired of someone’s bad decisions doesn’t mean you don’t love them but I don’t blame Amy at all!!! Although since I do think since Tammy is making a true effort to loose the weight Amy needs to support her but i.think there has been things we as Fan’s haven’t seen so it’s quick to judge someone’s business when you dont have having all the facts but doesn’t mean Amy doesn’t love or support her sister and at same time Amy has her own life with two babies!!!

    1. Number one…they’re sisters! Isn’t it suppose to be….I can say or do what I want to with my sister, but don’t you dare try? Amy has had her fill of Tammy’s mouth and crap also. They’ll be just fine.

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