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Todd Chrisley Rages On Car Rental Service: Untold Story Leaks

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A previously untold story about Todd Chrisley raging on a car rental service has just leaked. Where did this story leak and what happened that caused Todd to rage on a car rental service? Keep reading for the details.

Todd Chrisley rages on car rental service: Untold story leaks

An individual claiming to have worked for a car rental service in California recalls having the pleasure of booking a vehicle for Todd Chrisley. The individual explained that the disgraced reality TV star needed to rent a vehicle so he could get his hair cut in California. They continued to recall: “This was the first time I booked him a car rental. I didn’t even think about it, and I booked him a 4 door sedan.”

Unfortunately, this individual ended up feeling the wrath of Todd Chrisley as he was displeased by the service he received and the vehicle that was booked.

“He called me up from the rental place and yelled at me, ‘I, Todd Chrisley, don’t drive a Ford Taurus; you never book me anything less than a Lexus. That it was totally unacceptable and it better not happen again.'”

The employee said they apologized before hanging up the phone and thinking Todd was a total “douchebag.” They added concluding their post: “God forbid Todd was seen in a Ford.”

Todd Chrisley - Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Youtube

Fans react to this story

The thread revealing this story of Todd Chrisley raging on a car rental service has only been posted for about two hours. But, it already has about ten comments from fans reacting to it. For the most part, fans admit they could easily picture Todd doing something like this. So, they believed this was a story that actually happened. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

  • “hilarious. can totally hear/see this”
  • “I still don’t get the whole going to California for a haircut thing. What he had could have been done at Great Clips.”
  • “So funny. What he would do to be free driving a ford…”

Many fans thought it was ironic as Todd would probably love to be free enough to drive a ford right now.

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd chrisley - Youtube
Chrisley Knows Best – Todd Chrisley – Youtube

Why is this Todd Chrisley story just coming out now?

Now, the biggest question fans have is pretty simple. Why is this story just now coming out of the woodwork? There isn’t a clear answer to this. But, Todd Chrisley was a man who didn’t hesitate to file a lawsuit against someone who slandered him or anyone in his family. Without proof that this interaction happened, Todd Chrisley could have easily tried to go after this individual for slander.

Todd, however, is behind bars and losing lawyers due to failure to pay them. So, it is possible this individual just feels safe to share this story now.

Can you picture Todd Chrisley raging on a car rental service for renting him the wrong type of vehicle? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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