‘Nanny Knows Best’: Todd Chrisley’s Mom Ready To Return To TV

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Todd Chrisley’s mother, Nanny Faye, admits she is READY to return to reality TV during a guest appearance on her granddaughter Savannah’s podcast. In fact, Todd Chrisley’s mother thinks Nanny Knows Best has a nice ring to it as it allows her to bump her son out of his spot while grabbing the crown as queen of the castle for herself. Is a reality TV series focused on the Chrisley family in the cards? Could a series called Nanny Knows Best actually happen? Would fans even watch it? Keep reading for the details!

Nanny Faye is READY, says Chrisleys bounce back

With her granddaughters Chloe and Savannah, Nanny Faye agrees that Nanny Knows Best sounds like a great name for a reality TV series. Nanny tells Savannah she is ready to walk down the reality TV highway once again.

Savannah Chrisley reassures her podcast this isn’t just a random conversation. She is actively talking to TONS of companies that want to get the Chrisley family back on television. So, it is just about working out the details and seeing what kind of offers are made. At the end of the day, fans assume the family also wants the reality TV paychecks to start rolling back in as well.

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Savannah Chrisley added that her family would continue to move forward and not let Todd and Julie being behind bars stop them from going forward. Nanny Faye added:

The sun’s gonna come up, and the sun’s gonna come down. We have no control over it. What we have control is we’re gonna get up and dust our pants off today and get to going. And we’re gonna let the world see that we’re really who we were. We love each other, we’re gonna walk this walk and talk this talk.

They hope to do things differently

Chrisley Knows Best was supposed to be a reality TV show. But, it morphed into something else. It morphed into the funny aspects of the Chrisley family’s life. Savannah admits that her family wants a reality TV series that allows them to get real about things and not just focus on the light and funny parts of their life. Moreover, she promised that updates on what her mom and dad are going through would absolutely be part of the show.

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Fans have pretty mixed feelings though they respect the fact that Todd’s children only really know reality TV and have to find a way to keep the money flowing. Moreover, fans have always begged for a spin-off focused on Nanny Faye and Chase Chrisley. So, Nanny Knows Best actually has a lot of potential to go over well with fans as a whole.

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