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Chris Harrison Responds To Claims ‘Bachelor’ Execs Want Him Back

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There have been rumors that ABC execs are having discussions behind closed doors about Chris Harrison returning to host The Bachelor. The network denied the claims. However, the news got back to Chris and he responded to all the talk making its way through the rumor mill. What did he have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Chris Harrison responds to rumors

Chris Harrison recently launched his own podcast called The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever. In one of his latest episodes with Tori Spelling he addressed the rumors that ABC has been in talks to bring him back to the franchise. When he brought up the internal discussions he said they are “probably” really happening.

He continued, “I think it would almost be crazy not to if you’re running a business, any business at all, and that business sales are down 50 to 60 percent and falling — and everybody can see the numbers, we know what’s happening — and you think there’s something that could change that and fix that? Of course you’re going to have that conversation. You would be crazy not to have that conversation.”

Chris went on to explain that they’ve obviously seen the numbers from his podcast and the social media response he’s gotten. He continued, “They’re not deaf to all of that. They’ve seen what’s happening, so am I shocked these conversations are happening? No. It would not be a surprise. In fact, I would be shocked if they aren’t happening.”

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Would he return to The Bachelor

Tori Spelling couldn’t help but ask Chris if given the chance would he return to the show. Chris said, “I live by the axiom never say never because in life and business, that comes back to bite you in the butt. Would I have that conversation? Yes. I also believe in relationships and in business, take the phone call and you listen and you have that conversation, whether it’s uncomfortable or not.”

ABC has denied the claims that this was ever an internal discussion so right now it’s just a rumor.

Currently, Jesse Palmer is hosting the show. He’s been doing great but fans still miss Chris. After Chris left the franchise he shared he really believed Wells Adams would be given the job. He was shocked when the position was offered to Jesse.

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Would you want to see Chris Harrison return to The Bachelor? 

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


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  1. This is Oretha Nickleberry. Yes, I miss a lot Chris Harrison because I am long time fan on Bachelor and Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise for many years.
    I want Chris Harrison back asap.
    I hope that Chris Harrison will be back.
    Thank you
    Oretha Nickleberry

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