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Nanny Faye Gets Messy, Calls Savannah Chrisley A B*tch

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Nanny Faye is getting messy but she always has time to call her granddaughter, Savannah Chrisley a b*tch. So, what exactly was Faye doing that sparked the fire between her and Savannah? More so, was what she said to her granddaughter warranted, or was it all in good fun? Read on for more details.

Nanny Faye Gets Messy, Calls Savannah Chrisley A B*tch

Chrisley Knows Best is only three episodes into Season 10. However, Nanny Faye’s antics have been on full display. In the premiere episode, she was caught being naughty at her farm job. Playing cow poop bingo without permission is not always a great idea. She also never asks if it is okay to do anything. Clearly, this is just Faye’s world and everyone else is just living in it. Then, she was FaceTimed by her grandson Chase Chrisley. He was drywalling with his father Todd and another young man. Immediately, Faye wanted to know who the young buck was.

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When Todd noted that he was Chase’s age and could be her grandson, she reminded him that he wasn’t. This week, Nanny Faye is getting into it with Savannah Chrisley. In a clip for the latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Faye is baking in Savannah’s kitchen. However, Savannah is not too happy with the mess that is being made with all of the ingredients. Nanny has flour that she is getting everywhere and her granddaughter just wants it to be neater.

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Nanny Faye finally responds: “Listen, do you want to be a good cook or do you just want to be a b*tch?” To that, Savannah just has to laugh especially because Nanny says that she is preparing to “knit” the dough. Savannah notes that it is kneading as she reprimands her grandma and tells her not to get flour all over her kitchen floor. It seems that Faye is just trying to have fun but she has a little bit of a buzzkill swarming around her.

Fans Love This

The fans of the show and Nanny Faye loved this quick sneak peek scene between the two ladies. “Nanny Faye has zero filters. I love it,” one commented. Another added: “😂 Would love Faye as a grandparent 😂.” There were some who feel that Faye should have her own series because they adore her antics so much. “Nanny Faye was always the funniest. I’d still watch if they did a show with her and the kids,” someone shared. This seems to be a common theme but for now, she is making her grandkids crazy on CKB and having a great time doing so.

What did you think of Nanny Faye having fun with her baking? Should Savannah let her be and just enjoy her life? Let us know and watch Chrisley Knows Best Mondays on USA.

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