‘Bringing Up Bates’ What’s Going On Between Alyssa & Erin?

Alyssa Bates Webster - Erin Bates Paine - YouTube - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates fans think that something must be going on between sisters Erin Paine and Alyssa Webster. Recent hints online seem to suggest that they aren’t on the best terms right now. Could they be fighting? What might have happened? Keep reading for all of the details.

For a couple of years now, fans have speculated about a potential feud between Erin and Alyssa. Fans have been picking up on little hints and wondering what might have caused a falling out between the sisters. The pair is seldom pictured together anymore. They also don’t seem to interact often on social media.

Below, you can see a throwback photo of the sisters.

Alyssa Bates Webster - Erin Bates Paine - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Alyssa Bates Webster – Erin Bates Paine – Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

Alyssa has lived in Florida for several years now. Recently, Erin made the move to Florida, too. The sisters live within an hour or two of each other, so fans thought their relationship would improve, especially because the rest of the Bates family still lives in Tennessee.

Alyssa Webster admits her siblings don’t all get along.

In a recent YouTube video, Alyssa and her husband John Webster addressed some of their fans’ questions. Surprisingly, they touched on the topic of Alyssa and her siblings not getting along with each other all time. She said, “All families go through phases where people get along, people don’t get along. Obviously, sometimes, you don’t get along with your siblings.” 

Then, she added, “So, yes, there are siblings that don’t get along. It happens.” 

Bringing Up Bates fans discover another hint they’re feuding.

Shortly after making this comment about her family’s relationships with one another, Alyssa’s and Erin’s families were reunited. Kelly Jo and Gil Bates happened to have a layover in Florida as they flew home from New Jersey to Tennessee. They had been in New Jersey to meet the newest addition to the family, Hailey Clark. Alyssa and Erin brought their kids and met up with Kelly Jo and Gil. Both sisters shared a photo of their kids with their grandparents. But the sisters didn’t take a picture together, fueling the speculation that they are feuding.

Erin Bates Paine - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Erin Bates Paine – Instagram – Bringing Up Bates
Alyssa Bates Webster -  Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Alyssa Bates Webster – Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

On Redditfans are discussing this reunion and how it seems like the sisters are feuding. Several fans weighed in and shared their thoughts about whether the sisters are feuding. Someone explained, “Alyssa and Erin seem to have a ‘for the kids’ relationship. They obviously have very different priorities and mind sets and they have never struck me as close.”

One said, “They might not hate each other but they definitely aren’t close.” Another Bringing Up Bates fan said, “They were happy for the kids to see each other but just aren’t really friends.”

So, do you think there is a conflict between Alyssa Webster and Erin Paine? Or do you think there’s nothing going on between them after all? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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