Is ‘Below Deck’ Giving Camille Lamb Special Treatment After Firing?

Camille Lamb

Camille Lamb is still on Below Deck despite her firing. In the past, the producers would move on from fired cast members and never mention them again. Fans think Camille is getting special treatment for her bad behavior. Keep on reading to learn more.

Captain Sandy Yawn fires Alissa Humber

This is the second firing of the season. Earlier on Below Deck Season 10, Captain Sandy Yawn fired Camille Lamb for drinking on the job and not respecting the interior team. She also talked poorly about Captain Sandy behind her back. The yacht captain was now upset with stew Alissa Humber for her own bad behavior.

Camille Lamb Leaves Boat In White Furry Jacket [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
In a previous episode, she referred to Captain Sandy as “Sandy.” The Below Deck Mediterranean star called it a “f*** you” to her face. Captain Sandy called up boatswain Ross McHarg at the end of the previous episode. Below Deck fans had a feeling she was about to fire Alissa.

On Monday’s episode of Below Deck, Captain Sandy explained to Alissa the reason for her firing. She called her out on her “intolerable” behavior and “insubordination.” Fans could tell that Captain Sandy was angry with Alissa. She wanted her promptly removed from the boat.

There was a difference between Alissa’s firing and Camille’s. Fans noticed that Ross had to be a witness during Alissa’s firing. That wasn’t the case when Captain Sandy fired Camille Lamb. She spoke to her alone and fired her on the spot.

Alissa Humber [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Also, Ross had to promptly escort Alissa off the boat. That also didn’t happen during Camille’s firing. She ran around the boat and complained to the crew about her firing. She’s also received plenty of screen time since leaving the boat. Just a few days later, Camille returned to see deckhand Ben Willoughby one last time during the crew outing.

She also made a return to her confessional. Camille gave the middle finger to the camera as she wore her white furry jacket and black sunglasses. Some fans wonder if the Below Deck producers are giving her special privileges even though she blamed the show for making her look boozy and lazy. This has never happened before with fired cast members.

Camille Lamb returns once again

During that same episode, Ben shared the news of Alissa’s firing with Camille Lamb. Both of them didn’t like Alissa and shared their disdain for her. Camille returned once again to her confessional. She admitted that she felt “vindicated.”

“I’ve been vindicated. I have always seen [Alissa] be — for a lack of a better term — awful,” Camille Lamb explained. “And she’s shown her face. I am satisfied that people got to see what I saw. Hashtag Justice for Camille.”

Below Deck fans didn’t use that hashtag to celebrate her return. Rather, most of them took to Twitter to ask why she was still on the show. Most of them accused Bravo and Below Deck of giving her special treatment for her bad behavior. Others accused them of “racism.”


What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Below Deck is giving Camille Lamb special treatment? Do you think producers are gunning for her return to the next season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Capt Sandy should have fired them both. Both of them were disrespectful and really had foul mouths. What employer worth their salt would have kept either one of them.

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