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‘LPBW’ Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Air Petty Exchange For All To See

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When it comes to least favorite members of the Roloff family, Audrey, and her husband Jeremy seem to land near the top of the list. LPBW fans take massive issue with the couple’s decision to walk away from the show while still leeching off the show to continue to make more cash. As fans know, Audrey Roloff makes a decent amount of dough and it is largely thanks to the Young Living downline she’s created thanks to her LPBW following on Instagram.

For a while now, fans have agreed there were serious cracks in Jeremy and Audrey’s marriage. Fans believe Jeremy is fed up with always having to pose and perform for the camera for social media. And, fans speculate Audrey gets frustrated with always seemingly doing the bulk of the work when it comes to childcare.

So, while no one was really surprised by this awkward and snarky conversation that happened between the two during a recent date night. They were surprised by Audrey’s decision to post the awkward encounter on social media.

What exactly happened between Audrey and Jeremy that has fans talking? Keep reading to learn more about the encounter.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram Stories
Audrey Roloff – Instagram Stories

Audrey Roloff calls Jeremy on his massive ego

Parking for date night, Jeremy Roloff could easily just pull into a parking spot and park his truck. He, however, moves and makes an extra effort to park his truck in reverse. Audrey calls attention to the extra effort to park in reverse being unnecessary. Jeremy shrugs it off pointing out how incredible his truck is and implying it was just something anyone with a truck like this would do.

Audrey Roloff continued to drag the awkward exchange out calling her husband out for wanting to appear better than other people by parking in reverse. Not shutting the conversation down or disagreeing with his wife, Jeremy suggested it was important for people to know he was better.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram Stories
Audrey Roloff – Instagram Stories

On multiple social media platforms, fans thought the entire conversation was awkward and cringy. LPBW fans also pointed out that Audrey had some nerve trying to knock Jeremy down because her ego could barely fit through the doorway of the truck.

Overall, fans still have serious doubts about this marriage. And, many fans still can’t stand Jeremy or Audrey. This awkward exchange only seemed to make it worse.

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