‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle & Adam Busby Split To Make It Happen

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OutDaughtered stars Danielle and Adam Busby revealed to fans that they had to split to make it happen. The parents of six parted ways this weekend and shared some of the details with fans via social media. So, what’s going on with the Busby family? Why did Danielle and Adam have to split? Keep reading for all of the details.

This isn’t the first time that Adam and Danielle have had to go their separate ways. They often end up in different places, especially as their six daughters grow up. They often have to divide and conquer when it comes to trips, work, kids’ activities, and much more. With six active children with various obligations, they have had to split up many times to make it happen. So, it may not surprise you that they are heading in all different directions once again.

Adam Busby Instagram - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby Instagram – OutDaughtered

Danielle & Adam Busby split up to make it happen.

In a new Instagram post this weekend, Danielle admitted to fans that she and Adam had to split up to make it happen. The mom of six shared a few new photos of her oldest daughter, Blayke, with a group of her friends. The 11-year-old attended a school dance. She wore a light blue mini-dress with a pair of orange sandals. In the snaps, she looks as happy as can be.

In her caption, the OutDaughtered mom admitted to fans that she and Adam had to split up to make it happen. She said, “My first baby girls’ first formal dance was last night. Even though we had camping plans for the weekend, Adam and I pulled the ol #divideandconquer method.”

She added, “He headed to La with the quints & I stayed back so B didn’t have to miss out. She had so much fun with all her friends. Love my little lady.”


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Has the OutDaughtered couple been reunited?

Fortunately, Adam and Danielle’s split was short-lived. On his Instagram Stories on Sunday, Adam gave fans a peek into their camping trip. Danielle appeared for a split second, so it looks like she and Adam were reunited before long. You can see a snap from the outing below. Danielle is behind Hazel.

Adam Busby Instagram - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby Instagram – OutDaughtered

Hopefully, the family all enjoyed their various activities and events this weekend!

So, what do you think of Danielle and Adam Busby’s strategy to split to make it happen? Can you relate? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered stars.

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  1. I was very discouraged this season with Adam’s down putting remarks to Danielle. His explanation came up short, as well as his apology. If he said that on camera you can just imagine the remarks off. He is way bulked up so being pumped up and for a woman(Danielle)he expects thin, gymed/worked out/pumped as well. She is gorgeous and has a great physique, anyway. Having the type illness she has is brutal, people don’t always believe you. So he probably thinks she’d have no problem working out. Btw, who is Kimmi? When then argued she was there and even added to it? Most would walk away? She always agrees with him, smiles at him. Just saying.

  2. I hope that Adam looks back a few seasons ago when he struggled with his own serious issues. Post partum depression was a very real thing and he received a lot of support. He had better quit worrying about his bulked out muscles and help his wife through her health issues. He doesn’t look that good. Sorry.

  3. I love your show and I am sending this message SPECIFICALLY for Danielle. Danielle I understand from your comments that you are having a problem with your immune system. You did mention that you had gained weight and it was obvious however, I am hoping that you are not on Steroids. If you are you cannot be on them for a long period of time. I am suggesting to you that you watch on U-Tube Dr. Brooke Goldner as she talks about people with autoimmune diseases, and after I listened to 2 of her videos on U-Tube I thought of you, and how helpful they might be for you. You have a very large family to care for and a husband that I think is doing a great job considering he is living with 7 females. You are also trying to run a business. You have taken on too much responsibility and if you think that raising 6 girls is going to get easier I can tell you it ABSOLUTELY IS NOT. I would suggest to you that you have a talk with yourself and decide what is REALLY IMPORTANT to you and make the changes now. Your girls are going to need you MORE AND MORE AND MORE and don’t let anyone tell you different. I feel that if you consider Dr. Goldner’s eating plan and actually follow it, you could possibly never have a migraine headache again. There are two other ways to eliminate the migraines and 1 is to have a hysterectomy or 2. To get a Botox shot. Both scenarios work great. I hope this helps you and I will continue to watch your show. All of the girls are great, but for me my favourite is Hazel. She looks so much like her Dad and he is very good looking.

  4. Most of the work caring for these children is by Adam.Why the hell does Danielle need a damn
    store. Stay home and help your husband with these children. Off for seven days having fun with
    her friends and then complaining because Adam plays the good cop. He is a wonderful father.
    All mothers out there would LOVE to have a Adam. Her headaches, no doctor can find what is
    wrong with her. Why, cause there is nothing wrong. She uses it to get a break away from the kids
    and again who is there to pick up the pieces Adam. People have the nerve to complain about him.

  5. I agree Adam does everything for these kids and around the house. When Danielle isn’t off at her shop or running around she is acting all sick and sometimes I think she uses it as an excuse. She has turned into Kate Gosslin being so darn bossy and controlling towards Adam who does everything for her and the kids. She wants all of the attention! I am having a hard time watching her and the way she acts and treats Adam.

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