‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Partnered With Big Brand, Fans Not Happy

Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff announced her partnership with a big brand. However, fans aren’t happy about the news. She showed off her cooking skills in a new video that was sponsored. Keep on reading for more about this recent controversy.

LPBW star shows off her cooking skills

Amy Roloff loves to cook in the kitchen. That should come as no surprise to her fans. Yet, they were in shock when she partnered up with this big brand. In her new video, Amy said that she loves to cook.

Still, there are times when she’s too busy and can’t cook for her family. She promoted the Home Chef delivery service, which provides recipes on a monthly basis. The 60-year-old wore a red-and-white checkered apron. She tried to make the “Texas-style steak fajitas” that she got in the subscription box.

Amy Roloff Cooks [Source: Amy Roloff | YouTube]
[Source: Amy Roloff | YouTube]
“I love cooking dinner. So, I love getting Home Chef delivered when I don’t have time to shop for fresh, healthy food,” Amy Roloff wrote in her Instagram Story. In another post, she wrote, “Woohoo. Tasted great. Customize your order [for] your own schedule for delivery.”

Home Chef is a Chicago-based meal kit and food delivery company. They offer ingredients, recipes, and meals to their customers monthly. Amy couldn’t believe how good her cheesy meal turned out. Fans aren’t impressed though. They think she would be better off making her own home-cooked meals and not partnering up with big brands.

Amy Roloff continues to hustle on social media

This latest move comes after she launched the “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen” YouTube account. She offers memberships at certain levels. Fans can subscribe directly to her YouTube account or her official website. Fans think she needs to get a “real job” as she continues to hustle for cash on social media.

Amy Roloff Sponsorship Deal [Source: Amy Roloff - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Amy Roloff – Instagram Stories]
She recently got backlash on Reddit. One fan took to the thread to announce the news of her YouTube page along with its various tiers. Subscriptions range from $4.99 to $19.99 per month. Amy Roloff explained that paid subscribers will receive “bonus content” and a “live private chat.” The higher level membership level includes “cooking once a month” with the TLC star on Zoom.

  • “These people need to get real jobs.”
  • “Huh? I like Amy but who pays to watch her cook?”
  • “Honestly, she isn’t a good enough cook to be doing this. Her videos are laughably bad.”
  • “I literally cannot believe people pay for stuff like this. Especially 20 bucks a month. Insane.”

What are your thoughts on Amy Roloff partnering up with a big brand? Do you think she should stop her side hustles on social media? Would you pay to watch her cook? Sound off below in the comment section.

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