Janelle Brown’s Grandchildren Hug Up New Sister Joey, See Pic

Janelle Brown- Instagram

Sister Wives cast member, Janelle Brown, has been spending a lot of time with her family in North Carolina. Her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush currently lives there with her husband, Caleb Brush. Recently, Maddie and Caleb welcomed their third child. Janelle was there for it all. She and Maddie have shared a lot of photos of the new baby. This past week, they took the time to share more with her fans. This time, she shared an adorable photo of baby Joey with her siblings. Of course, fans could do nothing but smile.

Adorable Moments With Janelle’s Grandchildren

Not only has Janelle been taking in all the time with her grandchildren, she has been working on herself too. After leaving her marriage to Kody Brown, she is still working out. She has been showing off her revenge body all over Instagram. She has pushed herself to be her best, even in North Carolina! Recently, Janelle and Maddie wanted to share some moments with their fans. Maddie posted an adorable photo on Instagram. In the photo, her children, Axel and Evie are hugging their baby sister, Joey.

Maddie Brush- Instagram
Maddie Brush- Instagram

Maddie and Caleb welcomed Joey on February 10. Janelle Brown was so happy to be there for her birth. She shared with her fans just how much she loves being a grandmother. Janelle is showing her fans that even after leaving her marriage of over 30 years, she is still trying to live her best life. From her fans’ perspective, she is happier than ever!

Janelle Brown’s Time Away

While Janelle has been in North Carolina, she has been very open about how much fun she is having. She has been spending so much time with her grandchildren and it is clear that she is happy. More so, she shared some photos of her grandson, Axel recently. Janelle talked about how spry and flexible he is and she wishes that she could be that way too. She pointed out how amazed she was by how her grandkids move around. She pointed out that it was crazy how they can just squat and act like crabs all day and not worry about being sore the next day.


No matter what Janelle went through when she was with Kody, she seems happier than ever! Spending time with her family in North Carolina has been really good for her. She seems focused on her family and herself. Her fans have sent her a lot of love and positive thoughts now that she is with them and single again!

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  1. So happy for Janelle. Hope she stays away from Kody, the user.
    Will they be doing a spin-off with the x-wives of Kody, with no Kody? That would be great not showing Kody anymore.
    I can’t stand to see or hear him.

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