Colin Stough's Audition [Source: YouTube]

Fans Reject Colin Stough As Next ‘American Idol’?

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Fans already rejected Colin Stough as the next American Idol. They fear that another country singer will win the singing competition. The ABC show came back on Sunday, February 19. Fans already noticed that the judges are already picking favorites. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the reaction.

Who is Colin Stough?

On the premiere episode of American Idol Season 21, Colin Stough is a country musician who impressed the judges during his audition. They think they already found their next American Idol. Season 21 premiered on ABC. Host Ryan Seacrest returned to California after announcing that he was leaving New York and his gig on Live With Kelly.

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry & Luke Perry [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Celebrity judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan also returned. Fans would like to see a new panel of celebrity judges. Yet, the show has no intention of shaking it up. Yet, they promise that this is the “biggest season yet.” Colin Stough made his debut on American Idol with his cover of “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

He wore an olive green baseball cap with sunglasses. Colin also wore a button-down shirt with a guitar slung over his chest. The judges were blown away by his simple and low-key performance. They applauded him as Lionel said: “Very good.”

Colin Stough's Backstory [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The 18-year-old from Mississippi shared his story. He lives in his family house with his mother, his stepfather, and their two dogs. Colin shared that his father had “never been there” for him. He feels that his estranged father “killed the family” by being absent.

Luke was taken by the young country artist. He admitted that this is “what the show was about.” All three judges said yes and Colin Stough got his golden ticket to Hollywood. Fans shared their thoughts on this hopeful. They have a feeling that Colin could sweep the show.

Is American Idol turning into Country Idol?

Some fans wondered what kind of show they were watching. There were more country contestants than ever. The show planned to travel to some of the “biggest party cities” in the country. However, it’s still picking up country talent along the way.

American Idol fans took to Twitter to react to Colin Stough’s golden ticket. Some joked that it’s become Country Idol. They fear that last season has inspired the judges to find more country musicians. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “I ain’t doing this country s*** this year. I don’t care how sad his backstory is I ain’t doing it.”
  • “Just put American Idol on the Country Music Awards. I am so sick of season after season with the same voice.”
  • “I think American Idol has found its season winner in Colin. He’s got all the checkmarks: country.”
  • “He sounds like all of them, kindly no thank you.”
  • “Colin Stough’s Simple Man was sturdy but in no way spectacular. Which puts him on even footing with the last two American Idol winners.”

The last two winners of American Idol were country singers. What are your thoughts on the Season 21 premiere? Do you think Colin Stough will be the next Idol? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of American Idol Season 21 air on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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  1. Why not Collin? Just shows America loves country folk. Especially those with a hint of blues. Go Collin!

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