Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Details Of Kody’s Frayed Relationships

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown revealed details of Kody Brown’s frayed relationships. The 21-year-old recently had a gala engagement party with her family after getting engaged last year in a romantic snowy setup. The TLC star also has a YouTube channel where she shares reactions to Season 17 Sister Wives episodes. So, what did Gwendlyn reveal about her father, Kody Brown’s relationships in her recent clip? Keep reading to find out the details.

Gwendlyn Brown Compliments Her Sister Ysabel Brown

On Saturday, Gwendlyn reacted to an episode of Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 9. The episode detailed Ysabel’s move to North Carolina. In the clip, she revealed some shocking details about her father’s relationship with his kids. More so, she also shared her take on Kody and Christine’s divorce.

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Throughout the YouTube video, Gwendlyn shared her opinion on what was being discussed and shown in the episode. She also provided additional context for some scenes in the episode. Gwendlyn even complimented her 19-year-old sister Ysabel Brown. In some sections of the clip, she also talked about the way the production team interacted with the entire family during the filming of Sister Wives episodes.

Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Kody Thinks It’s Not His Fault

As the video approached its end, the TV star answered some of the fans’ questions from the video’s comment section. One such query was about Kody Brown not supporting Ysabel with her surgery.

The fan questioned what Ysabel’s relationship with the Brown family patriarch was like. They focused on how Kody Brown neglected Ysabel after her surgery and didn’t even go with her when she moved to North Carolina.

To this, Gwendlyn Brown answered, “Honestly, he doesn’t have good relationships with any of his kids, and Ysabel is no exception to this.”

Gwendlyn Brown YouTube Sister Wives

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Apart from revealing how Kody has frayed relationships with most of his kids, she also talked about her mom Christine Brown’s divorce from her father. The YouTuber asserted that her father genuinely believes that, “it’s not his fault that anything bad is going on.”

She further elaborated, “I think he believes that my mom deciding to leave is the reason…that there’s ever going to be a bad opinion about polygamist practitioners. I doubt he understands that the way people have seen him behave has made them grossed out by this practice. It’s him and the way he treats his women, in my opinion.”

Gwendlyn Brown Reunites With Her Sisters And Mother Christine

Earlier this month, Gwendlyn Brown celebrated her engagement at a grand party and reunited with her sisters and mother Christine. Attending the party was Mykelti Padron with her twins and her daughter Avalon. In the pictures of the engagement party, fans could see Aspyn Brown, Ysabel Brown, and Truely Brown also in attendance. While everyone in the family flaunted bright and colorful outfits, Truely opted for all-black attire with edgy blue hair.

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