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Al Roker’s Wife Blooms With Grace Amid Health Concerns

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Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts shared an inspirational post on social media. She chooses to bloom with grace. This comes after she opened up about her own health concerns. Keep on reading to learn more and see the post for yourself.

Deborah Roberts shares an inspirational quote on Instagram

Al Roker dealt with a health scare just months ago. Now, his wife is dealing with her own medical issues. However, she’s remaining faithful during this time. Deborah took to her Instagram Stories to share a beautiful inspirational message with her followers.

The photo showed a field of spring flowers in a forest. It features a quote that reads: “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” The French proverb is providing Deborah with some inspiration during this difficult time. Deborah is trying to find grace in the little moments amid her own health scare.

Deborah Roberts Wears Sports Merch [Source: Deborah Roberts - Instagram]
[Source: Deborah Roberts – Instagram]
In late 2022, Al Roker was rushed to the hospital for multiple blood clots on his legs and lungs. He left home from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. However, he found himself back in the emergency room just weeks later. The Today Show co-anchor was surrounded by a team of physicians and nurses. Deborah admitted that she was “losing hope” during that time.

Al underwent a seven-hour surgery. During their joint appearance on the morning show, she called it “the worst roller coaster ride you have ever been on.” Now, Deborah is realizing that she has to focus on her own self-care after taking care of her husband. Al’s health issues have impacted her own health and well-being.

Al Roker’s wife focuses on self-care

She previously took to Instagram to talk about her self-care journey. Al Roker’s love announced she was focusing on herself after having a “frog in my throat.” The GMA personality won’t be any good to her family if she doesn’t focus on her own health first. She needs to take a break, so she can focus on her own self-care.

“Sometimes your body says ‘Enough. It’s time to take a break, recharge, renew’ and I think my body is screaming that right now. So I am going to do just that. I’m going to take a little breather, take a couple of days and try to refresh and recharge.”

Deborah Roberts Shares Message [Source: Deborah Roberts - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Deborah Roberts – Instagram Stories]
As a result, Deborah is taking a break from social media in general. Despite her break, Al Roker’s wife informed fans that she would see them next week on ABC. Fans are concerned about Deborah after she admitted her personal struggles. They agreed that she needs to take care of herself.

What are your thoughts on Al Roker’s wife wanting to bloom with grace amid her health issues? Sound off below in the comment section.

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