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‘ABP’ Fans Ask Rain Brown ‘Is There Another Baby On Way’?

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Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has fans wondering if there is another baby on the way for the Brown family. This comes after she posted something new for her fans on her social media. Soon enough, people began to comment on her weight.

Here is what Rain posted and what fans had to say about it.

Rain Brown has special offer for Alaskan Bush People fans

Rain Brown took to her Instagram account and posted a photo of herself by a lake and a message that confused some of her fans. In the message, she wrote that people can now “subscribe to my account.” She said she is still figuring it out but there “will be exclusive content coming soon.”

Many of the fans wondered what she was talking about when it came to her “account.” They also were curious about the “exclusive content.” However, since there has been no word of anything other than her Cameo account, that is likely what she was talking about.

Rain Brown with Ami - screencap

Next to Gabe Brown, Rain was one of the last members of the Alaskan Bush People cast to join Cameo. She also seemed like the one who had the most trouble getting it going, with at least one time when she turned it off and had to restart it again. However, it seems she has the hang of it now.

Making Money


Rain charges $40 for her Cameo videos, which is the same as her siblings outside of Bear Brown, who only charges $35. This is also a great deal compared to other celebrities on the site, some of whom charge well over $100 for a Cameo message.

Cameo is a site where fans can pay celebrities to send them a personalized message based on instructions on what they want it to be about. It is a great gift idea for people who have loved ones who are obsessed with a show, movie, or certain celebrity, and it is a little more personal than even getting an autograph from a celeb.

However, outside the comments about what Rain was talking about, the usual trolls showed up. There were people who made fun of her for the TV show she appears on. Then, there were the people who commented about her weight.

ABP fans comment on Rain’s weight

The moments came, unsurprisingly, mostly from men who commented on her weight. One commenter wrote, “you have really put on weight….. it can lead to a lot of health problems.” Another had the gall to write she was more beautiful “when slender.”

That is when someone posted, “Is another baby on the way?” with another saying they were “wondering the same.”

Rain Brown on IG

First up, Rain Brown has no babies. She is 19 years old and a strong Christian who has said she is waiting for marriage. On her Instagram profile, she said she is the “mother to Jakson and Harley,” but those are her pets.

However, other fans chimed in, one saying she was “glowing and looks fuller and buxom” and another writing, “it looks like she’s the one now.”

Soon, Rain Brown’s fans started to defend her. One wrote, “Those of you commenting on her weight…. You should be ashamed of yourselves. As long as she is happy and healthy that’s what matters! It’s people like you that put negative thoughts in a woman’s head.”

This is especially important since Rain checked herself into a mental health center last year to deal with her depression issues. With people commenting on her weight, it is no wonder Raiven Brown considers it the most toxic social media platform.

What do you think about fans commenting on Rain Brown’s weight in comments on her own posts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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