Rain Brown- Instagram

‘ABP’: Rain Brown Goes Bra Free, Stirs Up Fans With Cleavage

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Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People has been pretty active on her Instagram account since the show ended for the season. We have seen her discuss a lot of issues in her life with fans, including her mental health struggles. As fans have watched her grow up, they have noticed that she is blossoming into a beautiful woman. In fact, one of her most recent posts has her fans stirred up. Let’s find out why.

Rain Brown Shows Some Cleavage

When it comes to keeping her fans updated on her life, Rain does a pretty good job. She is very active on Instagram and in a recent post, she surprised some of her fans. She shared a photo of herself in the car and the snap grabbed her fans’ attention because of what she was wearing. It looks like Rain is going bra-less and showing off some major cleavage. As soon as she shared this photo, her fans were quick to tell her how amazing she looks these days. In fact, some of the comments were very flirtatious!

Rain Brown- Instagram
Rain Brown- Instagram

Rain Brown had fans tell her that if they “were 20 years younger” they would try to be with her. She also had fans write, “You are going to make a man really proud one day!” Another added, “Oh my lord! You are an absolutely gorgeous thing!” From the looks of it, Rain’s fans approve of her showcasing her cleavage and sharing it on social media.

Fans Show Love & Backlash

As we have seen on Alaskan Bush People, Rain Brown has her own style. She and her siblings have embraced their wolf-pack nature, but she does her best to not fit into any type of mold. In fact, she enjoys showing off her tattoos and piercings. She has had fans tell her how much they love her tattoos, while others do not. She has been asked to stop spoiling her body, but she doesn’t let it bother her.

No matter what fans say to Rain on social media, she is pretty good about letting it slide. In fact, she often posts inspirational quotes for her fans. She stays positive on Instagram and, for the most part, she gets a lot of positivity back. Being part of the famous Brown family can be a lot of work, but she is doing her best to keep up with her fans.

Rain Brown- Instagram
Rain Brown- Instagram

What do you think of Rain Brown going bra-less in this photo? Do you think that she is showing too much? More so, what do you think of the flirty comments? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People.

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