‘Shark Tank’: Where To Subscribe To ReTold Recycling

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Shark Tank is back tonight and viewers might wonder where they can sign up for ReTold Recycling after the episode airs. This is a service that deals in recycling clothing and fabric.

Here is what we know about ReTold Recycling from Shark Tank and where you can get started.

What is ReTold Recycling on Shark Tank?

Alan Yeoh and Amelia Trumble arrive on Shark Tank looking for the sharks to invest in their company, ReTold Recycling. This is a clothing and fabric recycling service that they started in 2019. The original purpose was to divert old clothing from landfills and help spread the word about sustainable recycling practices.

The two met at MAC Cosmetics, where they worked for four years. Alan is the businessman in the group while Amelia has a background in digital marketing. They are running this business while also working full-time jobs.

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With ReTold Recycling, people mail in old clothing and other household textiles, which the company then distributes it to charities, thrift stores, reuse partners, up-cyclers, and rag companies. They said they have saved over 20 tons of textiles from landfills. Their overall goal is to create a community around this movement.

The company has customers in all 50 states and they are profitable, making money by selling the bags they send customers to send in their clothing. They only ask that people wash the clothes before sending them to the company. They also take everything from soft dog toys and old towels to bras that have lost their underwires, and everything in between.

Where to buy ReTold Recycling from Shark Tank

People can subscribe to the ReTold Recycling service by visiting their website at retoldrecycling.com. People will order a bag and sign up for a subscription and they take care of the rest. Each bag has a pre-paid label, so there are no shipping costs for customers.

The “Closet Clean-Out” 10-pack bag runs $145 but is marked down to $129.50. The annual subscription includes six bags used over an entire year and runs $99, marked down right now to $94. A three-pack costs $41.50 and a solo bag is only $14.50. They also have a quarterly subscription, where they send out a bag every three months for $24.75 a payment.

There is also a discount program where customers can redeem points at their business partners. Also, for fun, they sell a ReTold Sticker Pack, which has sustainable stickers used with noissue that are 100% recyclable and compostable. People can use these to promote the movement, and they cost $10.

Also appearing on Shark Tank tonight are companies offering the Chub Rub Patch (anti-chafing patch), FunkkOFF (teeth products), and Kahawa 1893 Coffee (a drink).

Does ReTold Recycling sound like a profitable idea? Is it something that the investors on Shark Tank should have invested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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