‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy FunkkOFF

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Shark Tank is back tonight and viewers might wonder where to buy FunkkOFF after seeing the company tonight. This is a company that offers a teeth-cleaning solution.

Here is what we know about FunkkOFF from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What is FunkkOFF on Shark Tank?

Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell created the FunkkOFF product and are pitching it to the sharks on Shark Tank. This is a business the two created in 2019 after Flynn attended a wine-tasting event in Napa Valley and came up with a great idea for a teeth-cleaning product.

She said that she carried her toothbrush and toothpaste with her and brushed after every vineyard stop. When she pulled out her lipstick, she thought that it might be a better way to clean her teeth than carrying around a brush and paste. She created a prototype in a Chapstick tube and the head of her electric toothbrush.

FunkOFF from Shark Tank / Twitter

Joelle has a background in start-up companies as a stockbroker at Bank of America. Sonia has a background in branding and marketing. Together they created FunkkOFF.

The flagship product for FunkkOFF is the TeethRefreshers, which is a lipstick-sized toothbrush and built-in toothpaste dispenser. It is all-natural, digestible, and comes in vegan peppermint & vanilla flavor. It has about a 30-day lifespan.

The two started their business on IndieGoGo and raised $34,571 and then a Kickstarter that raised $34,045. It took two years to deliver thanks to supply chain issues thanks to Covid-19.

Where to buy FunkkOFF from Shark Tank

Shark Tank fans can buy FunkkOFF on the company’s official website at funkkoff.com. The company also has a store on Amazon where people can get the products even easier. On the website, shoppers can get 20% off when offering up an email address.

Once on the site, there are three colors offered – white, blue, and black. They also come in one-packs, two-packs (most popular), and three-packs. One pack is $22, the two-pack runs $39, and the three-pack runs $57. As mentioned, one of these will last a month. There is also a subscription model, which saves shoppers 10%.

There are also bundles for $39 and gift sets at $42. The company also sells just toothpaste for $9 in all-natural, whitening, and activated charcoal. Finally, there are $20 gift cards on the site as well.

Things are a little more expensive on Amazon, with the one-packs at $24, two-packs at $48, and three-packs at $66. However, while there might be a delay at the official website, the Amazon store offers Prime shipping.

Also appearing on Shark Tank tonight are companies offering the Chub Rub Patch (an anti-chafing patch), ReTold Recycling (a recycling service), and Kahawa 1893 Coffee (a drink).

Does FunkkOFF seem like a product you would want to use? Is it worth money from the investors on Shark Tank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. My father was a dentist. I find that many products can harm the enamel over time. I certainly would try your product in the near future.

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