Netflix’s ‘The Mole’ Fans Thrilled At Season 2 Renewal

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Netflix subscribers are excited at the news of The Mole reality show’s renewal for a second season. The streamer revived this popular reality show in 2022. Furthermore, the game show originally aired from 2001 to 2008 on ABC. It was based on the original Belgian series De Mol which aired in several countries. The show aired for five seasons and with a four-year hiatus between the fourth and fifth seasons. Netflix revived the show for Season 6 which premiered on October 7, 2022. Now, it has been renewed for another season and fans are excited to enroll. Keep reading to find out the details!

What Is Netflix’s The Mole Reality Show About?

The reality show brings on board twelve players that work together in several challenges to add money to a pot. However, only the winner will take the pot money at the end. The twist in the game is a mole that keeps his/her identity secret and hides in plain sight as a contestant.

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They are tasked with sabotaging the contestant’s efforts to make money. More so, a player has to outlast their competitors and expose the mole to take home the prize pot.

The Mole Fans Wish For Alex Wagner To Continue Hosting

The Mole’s reboot premiered with Alex Wagner as the host. However, it is unknown if she will return for the second season. The show is produced by Eureka Productions with Wes Dening, Paul Franklin, Chris Culvenor, Rikkie Proost, David Burris, and David Tibballs as executive producers. The streamer currently has an open casting call for contestants for the upcoming season. Now, fans are asking for a link to apply for the show.

On Twitter, several fans showed their excitement at the news of the show’s renewal. One wrote, “HOW DO I APPLY? I will do anything.”

“Where do I apply? I’ll send in my application right now. If I could call dibs I would,” said another.

A third fan commented, “You guys finally getting it right! I loved the reboot. Glad it’s getting another season.”

Finally, a fourth fan wished for Alex Wagner to continue hosting and said, “I really hope @alexwagner gets time off from her other job for this- she made a really good show great!”

ABC’s The Mole Had Three Different Hosts

The original series was first hosted by Anderson Cooper, a news reporter followed by Ahmad Rashad replacing him in the third season. For the fifth and final season on ABC, Jon Kelley took charge of the hosting duties. Season 1 and Season 2 had a maximum pot value of $1,000,000. On the other hand, for Season 3 it was reduced to $250,000.

Alex Wagner The Mole Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Moreover, The Mole Season 4 featured celebrity contestants in which NBA star Dennis Rodman won a $222,000 grand prize. Additionally, for the fifth season, the show had a maximum pot value of $500,000. In The Mole Season 6 (Season 1 on Netflix), winner William Richardson took home $101,500. Currently, there is no premiere date for Season 2.

Are you excited to watch The Mole Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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