Fans Share Grim Realization About Katey & Jed Duggar

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Counting On fans have had a grim realization about Katey Nakatsu and Jed Duggar. Some of the couple’s latest social media posts have left fans feeling sad about their lives and what might lie ahead for them. What have they recently shared that’s prompted this big discussion among fans? Keep reading for all of the details.

If you’re a Duggar fan, you know it’s no easy task to keep everyone straight and remember all of the spouses and children.

Katey & Jed Duggar’s Relationship Timeline

Here’s a quick rundown of Katey and Jed’s relationship to make things easier. They kept their relationship private and only announced it on social media once they were officially married. Ahead of their wedding day, there were various hints and leaks about them potentially courting, but these were never confirmed by the family.

The couple was engaged on Feb. 14, 2021. They got married in April 2021, which was roughly a year after they started courting. Then, on May 2, 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Truett Oliver. Below, you can see a picture of the family on Christmas this past year.

Katey & Jed Duggar Instagram
Katey & Jed Duggar Instagram

In December 2022, the couple revealed that they are expecting another baby! They are having a girl and naming her Nora Kate. She’s due in May 2023, so Truett will be one year old when she’s born.

Fans Share A Grim Realization

On Instagram this week, Jed Duggar shared a new post to mark a milestone in his relationship. He shared a couple of photos of himself and his pregnant wife in Italy. In his caption, he asked, “Kate, how has it only been 2 years since you said YES to marrying me?”

Below, you can check out the post.

On Reddita Duggar snarker shared a screenshot of Jed’s latest Instagram post. Two years ago, Jed had popped the question. Now, two years late, the pair is married and expecting their second child. Fans agree that the Duggars tend to move quickly when it comes to growing their families. But it looks like these two might be the fastest so far.

Many think it’s sad that the couple barely knew each other before getting married and starting a family. Others realized that this is a sign that they are going to have a large family, which could be tough on both of them for a number of reasons.

One fan said, “And I thought my bestie was nuts for going from matching in Hinge to being married in only 2 years…” Someone else added, “I’ll bet Katey is looking forward to about one pregnancy a year for the next 20+ years.” Another Reddit user called that sentiment “so depressing.”

So, do you think it’s sad that Katey and Jed Duggar only got engaged two years ago and are already expecting their second child? Do you feel like they will continue having kids so close in age? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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