What Does Courtney Waldrop Do For A Living?

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube

What does Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop do for a living? The mother of nine is clearly very busy with her little ones. But she and her husband Eric Waldrop must make an income somehow to meet all of their large family’s needs. Keep reading to find out what Courtney does for a living to continue providing for all of her kiddos.

Courtney and Eric have nine kids, so there are many responsibilities and expenses for them to manage. Their son Saylor is 14 years old. The twins, Wales and Bridge, are now 11 years old. The sextuplets, Rivers, Rawlings, Rayne, Blu, Tag, and Layke, are five years old.

What does Courtney Waldrop do for a living?

Prior to having the sextuplets, Courtney was a first-grade teacher. Near the end of her pregnancy, she had to be on bed rest, so she could no longer teach. After the sextuplets were born, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom. With nine kids, it’s easy to see why having her at home makes more sense financially. Daycare for six little ones would be very pricey.

She sells jewelry and accessories in an online shop called God’s Divine NineIt’s unclear how much money she makes from this venture.

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube
Courtney Waldrop – YouTube

Thanks to her family’s TLC show, the mother of nine has an impressive following on Instagram. She currently has over 600,000 followers. Because of this, she has opportunities to work with various companies and promotes their products to her followers. When people make purchases using her promotional codes or links, she may make a percentage of the sales or receive other compensation.

For a little while, Eric and Courtney Waldrop were uploading videos to their YouTube channel. However, it’s been over a year since they last shared one. This is a way for them to make money, however, so it’s possible they will return to YouTube in the future.

What happened to Sweet Home Sextuplets?

Courtney and Eric previously made money from their family’s TLC show, Sweet Home Sextuplets. They have since stepped away from that venture. They shared with fans in the summer of 2021 that they would no longer be on TLC. The couple wanted to live their lives without cameras always following them around. Filming was very time-consuming and they just wanted to do what was best for themselves and their kids.

So, after three seasons, Sweet Home Sextuplets was canceled. Even without the show, Eric and Courtney’s family appears to be living comfortably. They have many ways to bring in an income, and as the sextuplets get older, it’s possible Courtney will go back to working outside of the house.

So, did you know that Courtney Waldrop used to be a teacher? Are you sad that the family is no longer on TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Waldrop family. Below, you can check out the Waldrops’ most recent YouTube video.

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