Joy Behar [Source: YouTube]

‘View’ Producer Leaves Joy Behar Feeling Flushed

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Joy Behar felt flushed by a producer of The View. She called him out during the live broadcast. Find out what happened and read on for more details.

Producer of The View embarrasses Joy Behar?

On Wednesday’s broadcast of The View, the panel invited actor Liam Neeson as a guest to the show to talk about his long-spanning career. Joy Behar took control of the interview. The two discussed how there were “no egos on stage” when it comes to theatre shows. Joy told him that she believes him no matter what he says.

Her co-host Sunny Hostin admitted that Joy will believe anything that he throws at her. She divulged Joy’s crush on the Hollywood star. Joy has made it no secret that she loves the Marlowe star. There are many times when she brought him up on the show.

Joy Behar [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She felt like she was in her element during the interview because she knows so much about him. The montage played in the middle of their interview. The call out from the producers made Joy Behar feel flushed. She slammed them for the shady references.

Joy asked her co-hosts if she was blushing. Liam looked awkward during the reveal. Her co-host Ana Navarro wanted to know if he was the one who was blushing. The Blacklight star tried to make things less awkward between them. He jokingly asked her if she got the checks in the mail.

Liam Neeson [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“I’m sorry, I’m speechless at this point…” Joy Behar said. “How embarrassing when they put them all together like that! That was evil, Brian! Embarrassing me and Liam!”

She looked off-camera at one of the producers. Joy had a smile on her face as she called him out. However, it was all good fun. She previously flirted with Brian on another live show.

Joy Behar blushes like a schoolgirl

The View fans couldn’t help but notice how the spicey redhead reacted during the talk show. They noticed Joy Behar blushing like a schoolgirl. At a rare moment, she was absolutely speechless. Some of the viewers took to Twitter to react to the interview.

  • “I have never seen a group of women, so… yeah, Joy is blushing like a schoolgirl. Hilarious then again, he is the epitome of cool. #TheView.”
  • “Kinda knew they’d show clips of Joy saying ‘Liam Neeson.'”
  • “Joy is funny!”
  • “OMG Joy!”
  • “OMG Joy is hilarious.”

This comes a month after Joy Behar gushed about the Memory star. She revealed where she wants her ashes spread when she dies. The former HLN co-anchor admitted that she wants them on Liam’s body. This came as a shock to the viewers at home.

What are your thoughts on The View producer leaving Joy Behar feeling flushed? Do you think it was cute to watch? Or, do you think it was awkward? Sound off below in the comment section.

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