Why Did ‘Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee Bail On ‘Perfect Match’?

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Netflix’s Perfect Match premiered on February 14, 2023, but Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee was missing. Fans know him from Love Is Blind Season 2 where he proposed to Deepti Vempati. However, he soon became one of the biggest villains of reality TV in 2022 after their short-lived engagement ended. Despite his controversial reception among fans, the streaming giant did offer him a place in its latest series. Perfect Match brings together a curated batch of singles from shows like Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, and Love Is Blind that attempt to establish connections and find love. So, why did Shake Chatterjee bail on Perfect Match? Keep reading to find out the details!

Shake Chatterjee Reveals He Won’t Join Perfect Match

While Netflix’s fan-favorite faces like Chloe Veitch, Joey Sasso, and Francesca Farago agreed to be a part of the show, Shake revealed that he denied the spot. In an Instagram Story, he revealed that he turned down the offer after learning he would have to cross paths with Nick Lachey.

Shake Chatterjee YouTube Love Is Blind 2

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Sharing a screenshot of an email from Netflix’s production team from October 2021, he wrote, “Happy for my friends on Perfect Match but there was no way I was gonna participate with that clown Nick Lachey hosting. Backed out as soon as I found out he was involved.”

Shake Chatterjee Accuses Nick Of Being Biased

For the unversed Nick Lachey and Shake Chatterjee have been feuding since they filmed Love Is Blind Season 2 in 2022. At the reunion, the 33-year-old even accused Nick of being biased and declared that he was attracted exclusively to Vanessa. The Love Is Blind star also claimed that the show’s production team was extremely manipulative. Shake has frequently used social media to bash Nick and other participants from the show.

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Although Shake Chatterjee turned down the chance to clear out things with Netflix and Nick Lachey, it seems he has moved on in life.

Shake Chatterjee Lives With His Girlfriend In Miami

While his on-screen chemistry with Deepti Vempati didn’t work out, he found love off-camera. Shortly after the filming of Love Is Blind Season 2 concluded in March 2022, the reality star made it official on Instagram that he is in a relationship. He revealed that he has moved to Miami, Florida, with his girlfriend Emily Wilson.

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[Source: Instagram]

It has been almost a year and the couple seems to be going strong. They recently launched their podcast, Love Is Blurry. Apart from his stint as a reality star, Shake continues to work as a veterinarian. Additionally, he is on the list of alleged cast members for the new series, House of Villains. However, he has no plans to ever interact with Nick Lachey again.

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