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When Did David Woolley & Christine Brown Start Dating?

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It has been a whirlwind of a week for Sister Wives fans as they learned Christine Brown was dating a man named David Woolley. The TLC personality took to her Instagram Stories about a week ago to tease that she was in a relationship with someone. Yesterday, in honor of Valentine’s Day, she confirmed the identity of the man that stole her heart.

Now, in Christine’s reveal, she referred to David as both the love of her life and her soul mate. Fans were a bit perplexed as they tried to piece together the timeline of this relationship. Unfortunately, they really were not sure when Christine and David Woolley started dating. Was she moving too fast in a fresh relationship? Or, have these lovebirds been dating for a lot longer than fans realize?

Fortunately, David Woolley does have social media profiles and they are not completely locked down. In fact, most fans suspect his Instagram profile was set up and loaded with stuff in the past week for the purpose of going public with the relationship.

So, when did David Woolley and Christine Brown start dating? Keep reading for the answer.

Christine Brown - David Woolley instagram
Christine Brown – David Woolley Instagram

When did Christine Brown and David Woolley start dating?

This relationship is a bit confusing for fans because it was only a few weeks ago that Christine took to Instagram to seek advice on dating in her 50s. Likewise, Christine had done an interview a little back that she wasn’t interested in anything serious and would only go out with the same person a few times. Moreover, Christine also told the world that her daughter Truely liked life the way it was and didn’t want to see her mother with someone other than Kody.

Taking all of this information into consideration, fans are assuming this is a fairly new relationship. Thinking it is a new relationship, fans are baffled as to how Christine could consider this man her soul mate and the love of her life. Fans realize Christine Brown may just be experiencing love and affection that she never received from Kody. And, it has likely consumed her heart. But, they still worry she’s moving too fast because of how happy she is.

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

According to David Woolley’s Facebook profile, this IS a fairly new relationship. His profile reveals the two have been in a relationship since December 10th of last year. So, this would mean the two have been together for two months as of a few days ago.

There, however, has been some chatter on social media from fans that Mykelti and Tony Padron slipped up and revealed Christine had been dating David for over a year during a Patreon Q&A. This piece of information, however, has not been confirmed with any credible evidence (and it is difficult to confirm because fans saying it obtained the info from behind a paywall).

Now, Christine Brown did admit the two had been together for longer than it seems via her Facebook group dedicated to her MLMs. She explained that the young man, Max, who showed up in some of her photos that she explained as being the son of a friend was actually the son of David. At the time, she just wasn’t ready to make her relationship public. So, she skipped out on some of the details.

Do you think this relationship is really only two months old? Or do you think they have been seeing each other for a while and only made their relationship exclusive two months ago? Let us know in the comments down below!

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