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Nanny Faye Thirsty For Young Man Chase Chrisley’s Age

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Nanny Faye is thirsting for a man around her grandson, Chase Chrisley’s age. The seventy-nine-year-old feisty grandmother recently revealed her attraction to younger men. So, how exactly did this come up? Read on for more details.

Nanny Faye Thirsty For Young Man Chase Chrisley’s Age

There is something about those young men. Chase Chrisley and his grandma, Faye Chrisley have formed an unbreakable bond. They love to get into trouble together and he is down for anything with her. In the Season 10 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best, Chase was seen visiting Nanny Faye at her farm job. Eventually, she got into trouble for cow bingo which he eventually (and excitedly) participated in. He has also helped his nanny get back into the dating pool and they seem to truly enjoy one another.

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Now, in the latest episode of CKB, Nanny is on the prowl. In a clip shared by @chrisleytv, Chase and Todd Chrisley are at the Chrisley’s new home. It is down to the bare bones so the guys are drywalling the interior when they FaceTime Nanny Faye. She is talking to Todd when she sees a younger gentleman drywalling and immediately inquires about him. Todd lets her know that he could be her grandson but she reminds her son that he is not. Clearly, Miss Faye is on the prowl and does not discriminate when it comes to age.

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Fans immediately loved her reaction to this gent who was drywalling with Chase. “Lmao Nanny Faye cracks me up..,” one person wrote. Another added: “Nanny Faye is the 🐐 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 she funny as hell.” Many followers were just happy that the show was back despite Todd and Julie going to prison in January. They did not expect the show to return so this was a pleasant surprise but more so, fans really love the quirkiness of the Chrisley family.

How Is Nanny?

Though she is a ball of fire, Nanny Faye also has had some recent struggles. The Chrisley matriarch not only had to say goodbye to her son but she also was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Last June, Todd broke the news however the family had been dealing with it privately, per Faye’s wishes. There have been no real updates as to how she is doing or feeling but she has made some rare appearances at big family events. One of them that she was present for was Chase proposing to his on-and-off girlfriend Emmy Medders back in October. She is someone that is so beloved, everyone just wants the best for her.

Are you surprised that Nanny Faye is trying to catch a young fish? More so, do you think her spunk is what keeps her youthful? Let us know in the comments below and watch Chrisley Knows Best Mondays on USA.

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