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Kim Kardashian’s Son Steals Spotlight For Wrong Reasons

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Kim Kardashian’s son, Saint recently stole the spotlight but for all of the wrong reasons. It’s usually Kim’s sister, Kourtney whose children are causing a stir. However, this time it was Kim’s son who garnered the attention even though the moment was supposed to be about his sister, Chicago. What exactly happened? Read on for all of the details.

Kim Kardashian’s Son Steals Spotlight For Wrong Reasons

It is clear that Kim Kardashian likes to take her kids on adventures and make memories. She also gives them a lot of freedom. For example, her eldest daughter, North West has her own TikTok where she does whatever she wants. More so, she has long nails and acts very much like an adult despite being just nine years old. However, Kim has shared that she shields her kids the best she can from any negativity surrounding their father, Kanye West. That being said, there will be times when kids will be kids.

Kim Kardashian/YouTube
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According to The Sun, Kim recently took her children skiing. She made sure to document the experience and uploaded the photos to her Instagram. They all looked like they were having a great time until she got to one of Chicago, 5. She looked super happy to be skiing but it was her older brother, Saint, 7 who stole the show. He stood beside his sister decked in black but was not happy at all. It was his mean mug that spilled over to Reddit and fans could not stop commenting.

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“Saint is me in cold weather,” one noted. Another added: “hahahaha, the little one in the back giving the ‘look.'” A fan joked that he was giving his sister the side eye. At the same time, Saint could have been very unaware that a photo was being snapped and that he was in it. Fans were also quick to notice that North did not have a helmet in the other photos. They pointed this out and told Kim she needed to grab one quick.

Children As The Focus

Kim Kardashian’s kids are really continuing to stand out and make impressions on people. Recently, Kim shared how North made her get pink nails with a bow tie jewel on them. This was something that North had done but felt her mother should have, as well when launching the SKIMS PR box. She showed them off on her Instagram story and then credited her fashionista daughter. More so, Kim pointed out that Chicago also has matching nails, they are just shorter. It’s always a family affair with the KarJenner group.

What do you think about Saint upstaging his sister with his sour face in the photo? Was it intentional or just a slip? Let us know in the comments below.


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