James Duggar Flies High With His New Pilot License

James Duggar- YouTube

James Duggar, from TLC’s Counting On, has been on a lovely trip in Europe. He has been filming moments from the trip and adding them to his YouTube channel. It turns out that some of his fans are actually embarrassed for him though. As he and his friend, Elijah were traveling through London, James made a statement that made fans cringe. He first called London a state. Then he called London a country. His friend had to correct him and his fans shook their heads in disbelief. Not only is he sharing this trip, but he has more good news to share with his fans.

What’s The Good News For James Duggar?

In a recent article for The Sun, they shared more of the good news that James has. It was noted that James had gotten his pilot’s license on August 3, 2022. This came as a shock since his older brother, John David was in a plane crash that nearly cost him his life. He shared some photos with his fans on Instagram and told them that he was training to fly a helicopter. James is not the first Duggar child to obtain this license. In fact, John David and his wife, Abbie both have theirs. Jeremiah, Josiah, Austin Forsyth, and Katey Duggar all have their licenses to fly as well.

James Duggar- Instagram
James Duggar- Instagram

It seems as if flying is a top priority for some of the Duggars or they love to do it as a hobby. His brother John David actually crashed the plane that he was flying with his wife Abbie. John David runs a company called Medic Corps. This company is a non-profit that deploys planes and helicopters to help those in need after disasters hit. The plane that he was flying at the time ran out of fuel and he had to crash land it.

The Rebellious Duggar

Is James the wild child in the family? Now that his sister’s book is out, it turns out that he may have wanted to flee the country, however. The Duggar family has been through a lot since TLC canceled Counting On. When Josh Duggar was arrested, things changed for everyone.  It seems as if they all moved in different directions. Additionally, James seems to have decided to sow his wild oats and learn more about Europe.

From the look of it, the Duggars will all continue to forge their own paths and James will do so as well. Furthermore, he continues to post on his YouTube channel. However, he has gained quite a following there and his fans can stay with his channel for more on his travels and his life.

James Duggar- YouTube
James Duggar- YouTube

Are you ready to tell us what you think about James’ trip? Plus, are you surprised that he finally got his pilot’s license? Let us know in the comments and stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more Counting On.

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