‘Final Fantasy’ New Anime Clip Has Fandom Buzzing

final fantasy XIV job board and various characters
Nick Davis

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular and diverse video game franchises to ever come out of Japan. It has fifteen going on sixteen entries to its main series and dozens of other spin-off and sequel games. With all of that success and a number of popular fantasy universes, it’s a wonder that there’s never been a successful anime. There have been some attempts in the form of tie-in films and one show. All have been massive failures, with the show being cut in episode count after its failure to perform. Now, however, there’s a new clip circling around the internet that has fans once again interested in the idea of a Final Fantasy anime.

An FFXIV Anime?

This new FF anime clip comes courtesy of a page many people likely weren’t expecting. It’s the YouTube page meant for promoting the game Final Fantasy XIV to its Korean audience. This newest clip is actually the second in a series of clips put out in the last couple of weeks. Each one adapts the world of Final Fantasy XIV into an anime short full of action and wonder.

final fantasy xiv anime bahamut
A clip from the ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ anime clip showing Bahamut

This most recent clip shows off things from the game like the job board and multiple character classes. There’s also an impressive shot of one of the game’s deadliest bosses, Bahamut. Sadly, as of right now, it seems as though both anime clips are meant to be purely promotional in nature. It does not seem that these videos are leading up to any kind of full anime series. The quality of them does have fans wondering why we haven’t gotten a good Final Fantasy anime yet, though. There is certainly no shortage of good characters, stories, and worlds to adapt here. It’s just a matter of handing these resources over to the proper studio. Hopefully, one day we can see this come to fruition.

Final Fantasy Adaptations

final fantasy xiv anime logo
The ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ logo from the anime teaser

Final Fantasy XIV isn’t the most recent game in the franchise, but it is probably the most relevant right now. That’s because it’s an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) with a massive fanbase. If you’re not in tune with the world of gaming, that may all just sound like a bunch of nonsense. But all you really need to know is that there is a mountain of people out there who would love to see the world of one of their favorite games brought to beautiful animation.

Thus far, there isn’t a Final Fantasy adaptation that doesn’t have crummy reviews from fans and critics alike. It shouldn’t stay that way, and hopefully, there will be a change sometime in the near future. This new promotional clip shows us just a glimpse of what could be.

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