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‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Drops Cute Baby Pics Before Instagram Break

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has announced that she is going to sign off of Instagram for the next couple of weeks. However, before leaving, she left fans with some really cute pics of her new baby, Cove.

Here is a look at the new pics and why Raiven might be taking a social media break right now.

Raiven Brown shares cute pics of her boys

Raiven Brown popped onto Instagram on Tuesday and shared some cute pics of her newborn baby Cove alongside his big brother, River. The pictures were adorable. However, this is all fans will have from the baby for a few weeks. After posting the pictures, Raiven said that she was taking an Instagram break for the next couple of weeks.

In the first pic, Cove was lying with a pacifier in his mouth and River was lying next to him smiling. River held Cove’s hand as they looked at each other, wearing pajamas. In the second picture, River was lying one way and staring up at the camera with a big smile. At the same time, Cove was looking away from his brother. This also came one day after Raiven posted a picture of a sleeping Cove, who was wearing pajamas with swimming sharks on them.

Raiven Brown pic of Cove IG

With that said, Alaskan Bush People fans won’t likely hear from Raiven Brown for a while after these photos.

Why Raiven announced Instagram break

This is not the first time that Raiven Brown took a break from Instagram. In the past, she said that the difference between Instagram and a site like TikTok is that the toxic nature of people shows up more on the former.

This was no more evident than when Gabe Brown posted a message about love only to see fans insult and mock him in the comments. Luckily, while Raiven said she is logging off of Instagram for the next couple of weeks, she might still be on TikTok.

Raiven Brown IG

However, a big reason for her Instagram break is her tendency to overshare at times. Her actions, even when she doesn’t say anything, speak volumes. Last week, Raiven and Bear Brown unfollowed each other on Instagram and Raiven deleted all photos of Bear from her timeline.

She’s done this several times since they got married. One time, she even admitted that the two had separated and would work on co-parenting their kids. That lasted less than a month. This time, she said nothing, but it still made it look like things were not well with her and Bear again. Raiven likely needs the social media break to decompress if anything.

What do you think about the new pictures of Raiven Brown’s kids? Do you think it is smart for her to take this Instagram break for her own well-being? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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