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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Relationship Status Update

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Meri Brown of Sister Wives took to her Instagram Stories to share a relationship status update with her 828K followers. This sudden update comes as a bit of a surprise to fans as it chases shortly behind Christine Brown revealing she was in an exclusive relationship with someone new. Is Meri sharing an update on her own love life out of jealousy? Or, does she not follow Christine Brown and had no idea she also recently made a relationship status change?

Meri Brown of Sister Wives shares relationship status update

Now, as far as Sister Wives fans know, Meri Brown is very single. This, however, isn’t perceived by fans to be exactly her own choice. Kody Brown admitted he did not feel married to Meri during the Tell-All of the last season of the TLC series. Meri admitted it hurt to hear those words coming from the man she loved. Likewise, she was a bit baffled because there was a time when she wanted to go public with a statement that they were not together anymore and he shut the idea down.

Kody Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

Fans speculated Kody Brown’s ego doesn’t want any of his wives to end their relationships with him. It, however, is an acceptable situation if he’s the one that pulled the plug on the relationship first.

There is nothing Sister Wives fans want more than to see Meri Brown in a relationship with anyone other than Kody. In fact, there are man fans who believe Meri might play for the other team and expect her to get together with one of her female friends one day.

While Meri did take to her Instagram Stories with her current relationship status, the update isn’t exactly what fans were hoping for.

Meri Brown shared a pink and white meme with black letters revealing her current relationship status. The meme stated she was “committed to inner peace, growth, self love and gratitude.” 

Meri Brown - TLC - Instagram
Meri Brown – TLC – Instagram

While it didn’t outright state it, fans of Sister Wives took this status update to mean that Meri Brown was still very much a single lady after confirming the end of her marriage with Kody Brown.

Would she ever get back with Kody Brown?

Meri Brown has all but admitted on several occasions she would still like things to work with Kody Brown. Anonymous sources have told multiple outlets that Meri would go back to him if he would take her. Fans, however, don’t believe Kody is interested in working things out with Meri. So, they hope Meri can find new love somewhere else.

Why do you think Meri Brown decided to share a relationship status update? Is it because it’s Valentine’s Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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