‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Briney Family Update, Drew On The Market?

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What is going on with the Briney family from Season 1 of Seeking Sister Wife? A lot has seemed to have transpired since they first made their appearance. So, what is the current status of the plural family and where do they stand now? Read on for more details and a huge update.

Seeking Sister Wife Briney Family Update, Drew On The Market?

The Briney family was noticeably absent from Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife. Of course, fans wanted an explanation as to what had happened to them. As it turned out, Drew had lost a wife. The polygamist was married to three women in his first season, Angela, Auralee, and April. However, his first wife, April had decided to leave him with their six children but this actually caused the family to get cut from the series. They had actually filmed for the second season but with April leaving, everything had to be altered.

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April claimed she was going hiking but never came back. The two ended up getting divorced as she was his only legal wife. According to Starcasm, April was not the only one who exited the relationship. Drew’s third wife, Angela, who was pregnant during their season, appears to have left him, as well. She no longer goes by the last name of “Briney” but rather by her maiden name “DiGiovanni.” More so, she has moved from the Oregon home the Seeking Sister Wife family shared. She shared that she has lived in Missouri and Utah.

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As for Drew’s second wife, Auralee, it looks like she is the last one standing. When Drew has shared on Facebook, the only wife he alludes to is Auralee. As of 2022, it appeared that it was just him and his second wife residing in Arizona, close to Utah. They also seemed to be having some money struggles when their rickety van broke down. However, a friend was able to buy them a new one so they were grateful for that miracle.

Drew Back On The Market?

With the Seeking Sister Wife star down to one wife (calling Kody Brown), is Drew Briney back on the market? Does this mean that they may have a chance to return to TLC for another season if there is one? It seems that the Brineys are still looking to add another wife to their family. Per a woman named Debra, she had been courted by the couple and let that be known via Instagram. Unfortunately, it did not seem to end well.

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[Drew Briney, Credit: YouTube]
“Thanks for courting me as a potential sister wife for almost 18 months an then dropping me like a hot potato, your family has broken my heart, I out so much time, money an energy into being with you all, I’m heart broken,” she wrote. Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen but it will be interesting to see where the Brineys go from here.

Are you surprised that Drew is down to just one wife? More so, would you like to see the Brineys back on Seeking Sister Wife? Let us know in the comments.


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