Radley Roloff Leaves Mommy Audrey In Tears, Why?

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Former Little People, Big World cast member, Audrey Roloff is very active on her social media accounts. With over a million followers, she shares a lot about her personal life. In fact, she loves to share pictures and videos of her kids. She and her husband, Jeremy Roloff have three small children. Her followers enjoy seeing them grow, but some have told her that she shares too much of them. However, this past week, she wanted to update her fans with news about Radley Roloff. Her youngest suddenly put his mother in tears. Find out why.

Audrey Cries About Radley Roloff

Audrey’s fans were quick to notice that her son Radley Roloff has gotten so big! She has been keeping fans updated on his milestones, sicknesses, and changes. Radley hasn’t been feeling too well lately, but Audrey has shared with her fans a few of her home remedies. During one of his bouts with a fever, she tried a magic sock trick and told her fans that it worked. One minute he woke up with a fever and by the end of the day, with this trick, he no longer had a fever! Some fans were skeptical about it, but there were others that claimed it really does work. Nonetheless, the newest post from Audrey’s Instagram was all about how Radley has started to make her cry.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Audrey shared a picture, in her Stories, of her holding Radley. She captioned it, “Refused the boob for the first time tonight. I’m not crying.” This is another big step for Radley Roloff. Of course, she knew this day would come as he grew up, but it was clear she wasn’t ready for it to come so soon.

Backlash For Audrey’s Post

Fans were shocked to see that Radley Roloff hadn’t wanted to breastfeed, but of course, this is the cycle of life. They will eventually stop. This makes many mothers feel as if they are no longer needed. This can be an emotional time and it was clearly one for Audrey. Along with sharing these moments, Audrey has shared some that fans see as parenting fails. In one of her videos, she shared the fact that she put all three kids in the crib together so she could take a shower! Of course, her fans were livid about it, while others thought it was a joke.

Audrey Roloff- TLC
Audrey Roloff- TLC

Audrey has a great track record of oversharing on social media. In fact, she has shared some intimate moments with her husband and fans felt like she went too far. No matter what she shares, many of her fans still enjoy seeing her daily life and the milestones for her kids.

What do you think of Audrey shedding tears over Radley? Would you feel the same way? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World. 

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