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‘My Hero Academia’ Teases A Fan-Favorite Villain

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My Hero Academia Season 6 is in full swing. The season thus far has been full of massive moments, new characters, and arcs. Plus, we still have 6 more episodes to go before the end of the season. With the finale likely coming before the end of the spring, we just got a new teaser for the upcoming episode. This teaser shows off a lot of exciting stuff. But the thing that has MHA fans talking the most is the appearance of a fan-favorite villain from the manga. Let’s talk about Lady Nagant and how she’s going to change the anime.

In Comes Lady Nagant

The teaser showing off the arrival of Lady Nagant comes via a recent video on YouTube. This video shows the lead-up to the Dark Hero arc of My Hero Academia. This is a fan-favorite arc that many are more than a little excited to see adapted into anime form.

lady nagant my hero academia manga
Lady Nagant in the ‘My Hero Academia’ manga

If you ask fans of the My Hero Academia manga, they’ll tell you the Dark Hero arc is where the story takes a notable tonal shift. Up until this point, My Hero Academia has been an overall bright story with occasionally dark and serious moments. The series is overall a fun exploration of high-schoolers learning to control oftentimes overwhelming power. Or learning how to make seemingly weaker powers stronger than most could imagine. It was fun, playful, and humorous. This isn’t to say that moments like that won’t be present moving forward in the anime. But we certainly will be getting more serious moments as Deku is stepping away from U.A. to become a rogue vigilante.

all might my hero academia season 6
All Might in the new Season 6 teaser for ‘My Hero Academia’

Lady Nagant is one of those serious moments. She’s a former hero who became a villain after a tragic backstory that you can see more of as these new episodes premiere. All For One has paid her with a second quirk to go after Deku, and she was already feared by all as deadly before getting this second quirk. So it’s not hard to see why with two quirks she’ll be one of Deku’s toughest fights yet.

My Hero Academia

The My Hero Academia anime has begun to rapidly catch up to the ongoing manga. Season 6 is about to end with only six episodes remaining, though, so that will give the manga some time to forge a lead again. For reference, the Dark Hero arc will run through Volume 33 of the manga, and there are currently only 37 volumes in total. We’re not sure how many more volumes of the manga there will be. But the creator Kohei Horikoshi has stated that we’re near the end and the manga will wrap up sometime in the near future. Meaning the anime won’t be far behind. The Dark Hero arc may be the beginning of the end for Class 1-A.

My Hero Academia Season 6 is ongoing. Every episode of the anime currently out is available for streaming now on Crunchyroll in the US.

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