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Meri Brown Looks At Brighter Side Of Her Harder Life

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Meri Brown is looking at the brighter side of her life during the more challenging times. Last month, she and her husband of over 30 years, Kody Brown, officially ended their marriage. Now, the business owner and mother of one is trying to stay positive despite the ongoing changes in her world. Read on to see how she is doing so.

Meri Brown Looks At Brighter Side Of Her Harder Life

It has not been the easiest road for Meri Brown over the last few months. During the Season 17 Sister Wives tell-all, she admitted that she and Kody had called it quits. However, it was quite clear that this was not her decision. Moreover, she had seen what he had been saying about her on the show regarding their not having a relationship. She also saw that he would be fine if she left and found someone else so in essence, this was not her choice.

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Additionally, some of the Brown children have come out and discussed how Meri was abusive toward them. Christine Brown’s son, Paedon claimed that she was physically abusive while his sister Mykelti Padron opened up as well. She shared that she did not recall physical abuse but that the verbal abuse was harsh and she received the brunt of it. Finally, fans are appalled with how much she has been charging for her second B&B retreat. So, Meri has not been painted in the best light.

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In her latest Instagram story, Meri Brown had another quote to share with her followers. She posted: “If your life just got a little harder, that probably means you just leveled up.” This could be a reference to the fact that her sister wives’ children feel the need to talk so much about her now. Or she could simply be struggling with her life post-Kody Brown and is unsure where she wants to go. Does she want to start dating again or is she going to stick to living her best life traveling with friends and co-workers?

Everyone Is Moving On

It seems that everyone in the Brown family is beginning to move on. Former third wife Christine has an exclusive boyfriend while former second wife Janelle just welcomed her third grandchild. There have been rumblings that Kody and Robyn have tried to court a new wife but what about Meri Brown? It seems that she is living the same life as she was when she was still a part of the plural family. She’s running her Utah B&B and is constantly hustling with LuLaRoe. Is she going to venture out into more? Only time will tell. Maybe she just needs time for her heart to heal.

Do you think Meri is ready to see what is next for her or is she still getting over the hurdle of heartbreak? Let us know in the comments below.

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