Kristin Cavallari Loves Herself In Bra & Ruby Red Leggings

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is learning to love herself. The Hills alum shared sensual shots of herself in a bra and ruby-red leggings. This comes amid rumors about her personal life. Keep on reading to learn more and see the hot photos for yourself.

Kristin Cavallari does a “love yourself” photoshoot

On Monday, February 13, Kristin Cavallari shocked fans with her carousel of photos. She revealed that she took part in a “love yourself” photoshoot. The shots show her wearing a white see-through lace bra with ruby-red leggings. In the first photo, Kristin laid back on a bed with red sheets.

Kristin Cavallari In Walk-In Closet [Source: Kristin Cavallari - Instagram]
[Source: Kristin Cavallari – Instagram]
The reality star smoldered at the camera as she wore the tiny lace bra. Kristin’s blonde hair was splayed out behind her. She looked unrecognizable with her full face of makeup. In the next photo, Kristin arched her back as she laid back on the bed. She showed off her skin-tight leggings.

The former MTV star looked topless at first in the third shot. However, she only crossed her arms across her lacy bra. Kristin looked down at the camera in the sultry shot. The fourth photo showed her glowing as she laid back and showed off her perky bust in the lace barely-there bra.

Check out her sultry Valentine’s Day photoshoot for yourself here.

Kristin Cavallari rounded out the post with more close-ups of herself laying in bed. In her Instagram caption, she shared that “the shoot was called ‘love yourself.'” The hot mom wanted to learn how to love herself. Kristin proved that she didn’t need anyone else to do that for her.

Within 18 hours, over 95,000 fans liked the post. They took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Some asked if she shot the photos on a Polaroid camera since they had that vintage touch. Others couldn’t stop raving about how beautiful she looked in the photos.

Is she dating The Bachelor alum, Tyler Cameron?

Fans want to know Kristin Cavallari’s relationship status. She claims that she’s loving herself this Valentine’s Day. However, some are aware of the dating rumors. Bachelor alum Tyler Cameron talked about his friendship with his fellow reality star. E! News wanted to know his Valentine’s Day plans.

“You know, I’m around,” Tyler coyly told E! News while attending a Times Square event for Minted Weddings. “I don’t know if I’m necessarily dating, but I am seeing. Seeing is believing, I guess.”

Tyler continued to speak in riddles. He’s been spending most of his time with Kristin Cavallari. The two first had fans talking when they took part in a steamy photoshoot for Uncommon James. They first met in February 2022 and became friends since.

Tyler Cameron & Kristin Cavallari [Source: James Anderson - Instagram]
[Source: James Anderson – Instagram]
“She’s so smart and so savvy in this industry,” Tyer said. “Just to listen to her speak and talk about building a brand and surviving in this world and also protecting your mental space, she’s amazing.”

For now, Tyler is still searching for love. What are your thoughts on Kristin Cavallari loving herself in a bra and ruby-red leggings? Do you think she’s really dating Tyler? Sound off below in the comment section.

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