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Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo’s Church Traps Abused Married Women

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Details about Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s church are surfacing online, and many secrets are being spilled. Most recently, it was revealed that their church leaves abused married women trapped. Keep reading for all of the details and find out why their church is getting so much attention now.

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo open up about the IBLP & their beliefs today.

Jinger recently released a new memoir titled Becoming Free IndeedIn the book, she talks about her deconstruction from the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). This is the religion she was raised in, and it’s an explanation for all of her parents’ strict rules.

Since marrying Jeremy Vuolo, she has been working on figuring out what she believes and what the bible really says. She’s since left the IBLP and now attends Grace Community Church with Jeremy in Los Angeles, California. He preaches there in addition to attending.

Jeremy Vuolo - Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo – Instagram

Now that Jinger has left her family’s religion and has different beliefs and rules, fans have been researching what her new beliefs are. They’ve discovered that there are still harmful teachings that she continues to believe.

How does their church trap abused women?

In a new Instagram post, YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shined a light on the dangers of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s church. She explained that Grace Community Church is accused of forcing married women to stay in abusive relationships.

Katie Joy explained:

“At the Master’s Seminary, students are taught in a course called ‘Advanced Biblical Counseling’ to never recommend separation when a woman is being abused. They claim that abuse is not Biblical grounds for divorce, a woman leaving disrupts the family, and she learns dangerous strategies like ‘learning how to be assertive’ and ‘self reliance.’”

Then, she continued, “They falsely claim women’s shelters show graphic videos of abuse to women and children to keep them afraid of men. They claim the shelters brainwash women to leave their abusive partners.”

The blogger added, “They also give a false statistic that as many women are murdered by spouses that leave than those that stay. So since the threat of death is the same, they counsel women to stay… this is deadly advice.”

You can read the full post and watch the video below.


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So, does this information about Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s church surprise you? Do you think Jinger’s new beliefs might be just as strict and harmful as her old ones? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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