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Jeremy Vuolo Defends Hitler, Not Truly Evil?

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From TLC’s Counting On, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been making quite a name for themselves since the show ended. The couple constantly tells their fans about how much they are in love and living their best lives. Jinger recently released her memoir and which has gotten a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it seems that not all of the attention they are getting is good. There have been some rumors about Jeremy’s church. More so, he is currently a pastor and fans aren’t sure what to believe about this organization.

Jeremy Vuolo Exposed On Instagram

Recently, an Instagram account called Without A Crystal Ball shared a video of a sermon done by Jeremy Vuolo. In this sermon, he spoke out about corporal punishment for children. He told his parishioners that he didn’t feel that it was child abuse. As he spoke to the congregation, he went on to address Hitler. Furthermore, he believed, at the time, that Hitler was not as evil as he could have been. Moreover, he pointed out that Hitler was “nice to some people.”

Of course, fans of the Duggar Family and the Vuolos were shocked to see this video. They were quick to share their thoughts with Katie Joy, the account holder. One wrote, “Just because evil incarnate would have spared White boy Jeremy’s life does not leave any redeeming qualities to evil.” Another added, “He should never be allowed to speak to anyone anywhere about anything. What an asinine thing to say!!! A colossal example of stupidity!”

Jinger & Jeremy’s Stereotypes

This isn’t the first time that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have gotten a lot of backlash for their beliefs. In fact, they did write a book together. When this book was released, there were many fans who thought it was full of stereotypes. It is a children’s book and they wanted kids to see how important they are and why God created them. There were many fans who loved it, but others had some issues with the story itself and some of the illustrations.

Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo- TLC
Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo- TLC

The children’s book is all about self-control. One of the main characters in the book is a Black girl that wants to steal and disobey. Many readers felt that this idea was tone-deaf. Then there are the white children in the book. However, the white children are shown as happy, kind, and faithful. Then, the one Asian child in the book is a boy with a disability. This book made Jinger’s fans scratch their heads. Why would they give the minorities the flaws and not the white children?

What do you think about Jeremy’s sermon in the video? Would you say that he is promoting Hitler? We would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below. You can stay with TV Shows Ace for more on the Duggars.


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