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Jana Duggar Leaves Country With Laura Demasie

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Jana Duggar is kicking up rumors about her romantic interest in Laura Demasie once again. At 33 years old, Jana is the oldest of the Counting On children to remain at home with mom and dad because she’s yet to find that special someone to settle down with.

Over the years, fans have had all sorts of theories on why Jana remains at home (though she did recently move into her own tiny home on Jim Bob’s property). One of the more prominent rumors is simply the fact that Jana Duggar isn’t interested in men. Statistically, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have so many children that it would make sense for a few of them to be homosexual. Many fans have always speculated Jana isn’t interested in men and that’s why her courtships never worked out.

More specifically, many fans believe Laura Demasie is more than just a friend to Jana. They speculate Jana and Laura love each other. And, fans believe Jim Bob has done everything in his power to try and shut this relationship down.

Turns out, Jana Duggar recently jetted out of the country on an Italian getaway. And, her rumored love interest Laura Demasie also went on this Italian getaway.

Laura - Jana - Instagram
Laura – Jana – Instagram

Jana Duggar enjoys Italian getaway with Laura Demasie

According to The Sun, this trip out of the country came as a shock to Duggar fans as both Jana and her brother James were breaking some pretty key family rules by jetting off on this trip. While Jana hasn’t shared much about it on her Instagram, James has shared several photos from the trip on his profile.

One big reason why this trip was such a surprise to fans is that Jim Bob and Michelle have pretty openly admitted their disdain for metropolitan areas. This disdain is so strong that Jim Bob Duggar has all but barred his children from living in big cities.

James Duggar had already shocked fans when he revealed his decision to hit up a pub with one of his friends. As fans know, the entire Duggar family is discouraged from drinking. So much so that Jim Bob Duggar even barred his children from music that glorified drinking.

James Duggar/Instagram
James Duggar/Instagram

Is romance in the air for Jana?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, there was also a mystery man spotted hanging with the group that fans questioned could be a potential love interest for Jana. After learning Laura was also on this trip, fans have a few theories.

James Duggar/Instagram
James Duggar/Instagram

At the end of the day, Jana Duggar is the only one who knows what’s going on with her love life. And, fans are just happy she’s squeezed out from under her father’s thumb just a little bit.

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