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James Duggar Leaves Fans With Secondhand Embarrassment

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Former Counting On cast member, James Duggar is now 21 years old. With the arrest of his brother, Josh Duggar, and the release of his sister’s book, it seems as if he needed time to himself. After TLC canceled his family’s show, it seemed as if all of the Duggars just needed to unwind. Now that he is old enough to leave on his own, he just knew that he would have to explore more of the world. He decided to take a trip to Europe with some of his close friends. His followers on social media were shocked to see him on a European adventure, but this one will leave them shocked!

James Duggar Makes A Fool Of Himself

James has a YouTube channel where he entertains his fans. Of course, his fans were very excited about seeing his adventures in Europe. He had a layover with his friend, Elijah and they decided to explore the area. They were in London walking around the city and being tourists. As they were filming, James told the camera, “We’re here in the state of…” His friend questioned him about using the word ‘state.’ James then told him, “The country…whatever this is, of… London.” Elijah made sure to tell James that they were in England. Of course, as soon as fans saw this, they were embarrassed for him!

James Duggar- YouTube
James Duggar- YouTube

From the looks of it, James has no clue about geography or about where London happens to be. Fans were quick to call him out on it too. One wrote to him, “MAYBE do a little research before you go? MAYBE read a book? MAYBE Google some BASIC info.” Another added that they felt embarrassed for him and how he is the epitome of an American tourist.

The Duggars And Traveling

Although James has done some pretty idiotic things on social media, some fans were happy that he actually went out of the country. Many fans of the Duggars have pointed out that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar never wanted to take their kids to major cities. Why is this? It turns out that they thought big cities would influence their children to sin. At least, that is what some parts of their religion stated. This is why we never really saw them traveling much on the show. From the looks of James’ trip though, there could be more to traveling than religious reasons.

James Duggar- YouTube
James Duggar- YouTube

James Duggar has done a lot in his young life and it looks as if he has made some extra cash to go on this trip. His fans aren’t sure if his parents were happy about it, but it looks as if he is enjoying his time in Europe.

Do you think that James is uneducated? Is that why he thought London was a state? We would love to hear what you think about his trip to Europe in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace to read more about Counting On and the Duggar Family.

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