Amy Roloff Puffs Up Her Pouty Lip On Instagram, Why?

Amy Roloff- TLC

Little People, Big World cast member, Amy Roloff has had a tough couple of weeks. This past week, her son, Zach Roloff underwent brain surgery. This was terrifying for the entire family. Amy was there to help jump in though. While Tori Roloff was at the hospital with Zach, Amy was quick to help out with their children. She loves spending time with Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah and jumped at the chance. With all of the stress happening lately, her fans saw her post a very pouty face on Instagram and were curious why.

Amy Roloff Looks Bummed Out

This past weekend, millions of sports lovers watched the Super Bowl and many were pleased with the result. However, Amy Roloff and her husband, Chris Marek were not. She shared a photo of the two of them on the couch as the game finished. She has a pouty face in the photo. Amy wrote, “Great Super Bowl game, tough lost for Philadelphia Eagles… we were bummed.”

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

It didn’t take long for Amy’s followers to chime in about the Super Bowl. Many of them were also cheering for the Eagles and they felt the exact same way that Amy and Chris did. There were also many of her followers that didn’t even know she was rooting for the Eagles. No matter what, they all agreed that the game was close and a good one nonetheless.

Amy’s Newest Business Ventures

The Little People, Big World cast member may have not been thrilled about the Super Bowl, but she has been very busy lately. Amy has been working on some new items for her website and trying to make more money off of her fans. In fact, many of her fans think that she is dropping some major hints about the show. She has started to push subscriptions to her fans and the new items that she will feature in Amy’s Little Kitchen.

The last season of the show was filled with a lot of tension. When Matt Roloff put the property up for sale, his family was pretty upset. In fact, Zach and Jeremy Roloff both put in bids and were both denied. This has caused a huge rift in the family. Now Matt is renting it out as a vacation rental. Is this the reason that the show could be canceled or will it go on? Why is Amy pushing other business ventures though?

Amy Roloff- Instagram
Amy Roloff- Instagram

There are many unanswered questions about Amy’s new business ventures and Little People, Big World. Do you think that we will see at least one more season? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Amy Roloff and Little People, Big World.

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  1. I suggest they stay on with the Roloff program.There is nothing else on TV worth watching these days.This is a good program for all ages to watch good wholsome program.

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