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Todd Chrisley’s First Website Resurfaces: More Lies?

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Todd Chrisley’s first website has been brought back to life by fans in a massive throwback moment. Looking over the details of the website, fans are all in agreement about one thing. The website is packed full of even more lies from the reality TV star. Moreover, fans agree the photos of Todd on the screenshots from the first website also appear to be fake as they look heavily photoshopped.

What exactly has Chrisley Knows Best fans screaming that Todd has always been a liar? Keep reading for the details and to see screenshots of his first website.

Todd Chrisley’s first website resurfaces: More lies?

Having a serious throwback moment, one Chrisley Knows Best fan took to Reddit over the weekend to share a collection of screenshots of Todd Chrisley’s first website. “Lies, Lies, Lies – Todd Chrisley’s first website,” the OP penned in the headline of the Reddit thread. Turns out, the screenshots of the website were actually crossposted on a few different Reddit communities dedicated to this reality TV family.

On the first of several screenshots, the website boasts of Chrisley Asset Management handling over “$15 Billion in assets.” Four slides in, the website says “one of Todd Chrisley’s guiding principles that those who have the ability to help should do so with the best of their ability.”

The final screenshot attached to the Reddit post features an unrecognizable youthful snapshot of a trim-looking Todd Chrisley.

Todd Chrisley/YouTube

Fans blast the website as being full of lies

For starters, fans immediately called “BS” on Todd’s company managing $15 billion in assets. Fans also immediately called attention to how much photoshop work went into the headshot photo of Todd on the final snapshot. Some fans admitted they were blown away that a website packed with lies could even be published. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

  • “What REALITY did Todd Chrisley really live in because everything about him is smoke & mirrors?!?! Truly despicable human being. Even some of the most vile of criminals admitted to their crimes.”
  • “He’s truly delusional, I pray he gets the mental health help he needs in prison.”
  • “OMG why was this false info printed!!?? I guess any trash can be printed and will not redeem him but will only make him look more like the fool he is.”

Unfortunately for Todd, there is no love for him on any of the Reddit communities. In fact, fans are convinced Todd lives in an alternative reality where he believes he’s royalty. Some fans admit they hope he gets some help in prison so he can come out the other side a better man. Check out the Reddit thread down below:

Lies, Lies, Lies – Todd Chrisley’s first website #FlashbackFriday #Fraud from ChrisleyKnowsBest

Have you ever seen this website before? What do you think about what fans are saying? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for everything Chrisley-related.

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