Pete Davidson’s Super Bowl Ad Falls Flat With Tired Fans?

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson appeared in a commercial for the Super Bowl. However, it fell flat with fans who are tired of him. The Hollywood actor is famous for dating beautiful women in the industry. Now, he’s become known as the man who’s in everything.

They slammed Hellmann’s for featuring the Saturday Night Live alum in its Super Bowl LVII ad. The tagline for the brand’s mayonnaise reads: “Hellmann’s brings leftover to life.” The ad was one of the most-talked-about moments of the Super Bowl LVII for all the wrong reasons.

Find out why fans are sick of seeing the comedian everywhere.

Pete Davidson [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Pete Davidson stars in Hellmann’s ad

In the Super Bowl ad, Pete Davidson eats a Brie Larson and Jon Hamm sandwich. The actor grabs the miniature stars out of his refrigerator. Pete has a craving for a sandwich. He also has to have Hellmann’s classic mayonnaise.

Jon asks Brie why they’re hanging out in a refrigerator. They realized they were “ham and Brie.” Pete Davidson shocks them when he opens the fridge. He smiles down at them and says, “I’m going to eat you guys.” They realized they were toast.

Pete proceeds to make his sandwich. He grills it on his sandwich maker. The scene cuts to a shot of the Bodies, Bodies, Bodies star eating a sandwich at a Super Bowl party with his co-stars. He tells Jon and Brie, “You guys are really good.” Jon responds: “That’s really weird.”

Hellmann’s shared the ad in time for the Super Bowl. The caption reads: “It helps Pete to talk it out with his leftovers before he eats.”

Most fans didn’t find the ad funny. They were tired of seeing Pete Davidson everywhere. He previously starred in an ad for Smartwater, which came out in 2021. He had a stunt double and talked about his life decisions.

Fans are sick of the SNL alum

Fans shared their thoughts on Pete Davidson’s Super Bowl ad. They feel like Hellmann’s could’ve tapped any other actor than him. After watching the ad, they reacted to the brand on their Twitter page. Most of them are just tired of the 29-year-old and his sense of humor.

  • “Pete Davidson promoting @Hellmanns?? This guy is literally in everything.”
  • “Ok worse than Pete Davidson in the Hellman’s commercial was Elon Musk with Rupert Murdoch in real life. Some scary s**t right there at the #SuperBowl.”
  • “Is that Pete Davidson? Yes. Of course, it is. It’s quite surprising we haven’t seen more of Pete yet – as Jon Hamm says in @Hellmanns #SuperBowl ad, he really is in everything.”
  • “What’s the takeaway from that break? Pete Davidson is a cannibal, giraffes can bust a hell of a move and Pringles ought to take its can and go home.”

What are your thoughts on Pete Davidson’s Super Bowl ad? Did you like it? Do you agree that he’s in everything? What’s your favorite Super Bowl ad of the night? Sound off below in the comment section.

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