Lindsie Chrisley Gets Cozy Brushing Up On Prison Legal System

Todd Chrisley Daughter Lindsie Won't Cry Over What’s Gone [Credit: YouTube]

Lindsie Chrisley spent the weekend snuggling with her son Jackson while educating herself on the prison legal system. Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter shared several snapshots with detailed captions as she talked about what she did over Super Bowl weekend with her son Jackson. And, fans on Reddit were pretty quick to call her out for being “so cringy.”

Lindsie Chrisley - YouTube
Lindsie Chrisley – YouTube

Lindsie Chrisley gets cozy and brushes up on the prison legal system

Lindsie Chrisley shared a photo of her laptop revealing she was listening to a podcast. She noted it was, “How she spent her Sunday.”

“Webinars and zoom meetings to verse myself on Federal Bureau of Prisons before church. I cherish Sunday morning and feel blessed to have the ability to learn and worship from home with my favorite little boy.”

Her post revealed she was listening to a podcast called “Prison Professors.” According to Apple Podcasts, this particular podcast: “offers strategies and insight for people who want to avoid investigations or get the best outcomes if authorities have targeted them.”

Here is a screenshot of what Lindsie posted on her Instagram Stories:

Lindsie Chrisley - Instagram
Lindsie Chrisley – Instagram

Fans find the whole thing to be cringy

Chrisley Knows Best fans think it is WILD and ironic that Lindsie would listen to this podcast while she was getting ready to go to church with her son. Based on her post, it sounds as if Lindsie and Jackson are attending a virtual church right now.

Listening to this particular podcast, fans can assume Lindsie (like the rest of the family) still believes Todd and Julie are innocent and have been wrongfully convicted and sent to prison.

Lindsie Chrisley - YOutube
Lindsie Chrisley – YOutube

Unlike her sister Savannah, Lindsie has not been as vocal on her Instagram with cries of her parents’ injustice. For a very long time, Lindsie Chrisley was always considered to be the black sheep of the family. She was the Chrisley child no one liked. Recently, however, most fans are liking Lindsie more than her sister Savannah these days. Why? Well, because fans are fed up with Savannah continuing to parade around as a victim instead of moving on and being there for the children she is currently responsible for.

On Reddit, fans agreed that Lindsie’s choice in pre-church podcast was “laughable.”

Have you ever listened to “Prison Professors?” Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley updates.

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