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Jeremy Vuolo Says Jinger Should Fear He May Cheat On Her

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A clip from one of Jeremy Vuolo’s sermons reveals him stating that his wife Jinger should fear he may cheat on her one day. A chunk of his speech was shared on Instagram via Without A Crystal Ball. In the clip, Jeremy Vuolo explained how he is able to lock down his lusting urges and prevent himself from cheating. But, Duggar fans are in agreement this segment of his sermon was concerning as it sounded like there were some serious trust issues in their marriage.

Jeremy Vuolo says Jinger should fear he may cheat on her

Jeremy Vuolo explains that being intimate and walking with God allows him to stay faithful to his wife Jinger. He, however, clarifies that if a day comes when he no longer walks with God… That is the day she should fear that he will give into lustful urges and cheat on his wife.

Katie Joy calls attention to the fact that his wife Jinger was in the room when he gave this sermon. And, she questioned how awful it must fear for a wife to hear that her husband struggles with being faithful. Moreover, claims the only reason he is faithful is because of his faith.

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Katie Joy (and fans) pointed out that Jeremy Vuolo should consider taking some personal responsibility and not put it all on God to keep him from crawling into bed with another woman.

Katie penned in the caption, “I guess self control is not possible for Jeremy. That sounds like a problem. All people should have self control.”

Duggar fans are disgusted by his words

In the comments, fans of the TLC family admit the sermon was difficult to watch. Moreover, fans were disgusted that Jeremy’s speech implies the husband can never really be at fault for being unfaithful. Here’s some of what disgusted fans had to say:

  • “Something is off with Jeremy . I’ve said it from the beginning . This is all an act and he’s a character.”
  • “Sadly this is a typical fundie sermon. Sounded all too familiar.”
  • “This is not normal.. many people don’t read the Bible and don’t cheat.”

Many fans pointed out that the massive flaw in what he was saying to people was simply the fact that not everyone reads the Bible. And, there are plenty of individuals who don’t read the Bible and also don’t have an issue with cheating.


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Do you think Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo have trust issues in their marriage? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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  1. Fact- Jeremy is 100% correct and people
    who do not have a relationship withGod can not understand what he is saying. It is not obsessive. It is a close relationship with God and he comes first. Not having this relationship with God absolutely leads us to sin. Again, if you do not have a relationship with God you not understand this and you will criticize it.

    1. I don’t need a book or anything else tell me to be a good person. I do that all on my own. I don’t cheat, murder, lie, talk badly about others or treat others with respect because someone or something tells me to. I’m simply being my loving self. If those things are tied to anything or anyone, then of course he will cheat. 🤬

  2. He must have had sex issue at one time or the other maybe he needs some counseling! I walk with Gof with or with out Hod I would never cheat on my husband! Just sayin!
    She needs to keep her eyes wide open bc this is saying he has a problem!

  3. For those who don’t live for God don’t understand where he’s going with this statement. We all have sin we struggle with. He’s saying Honey sexual sin is my struggle and I can’t control it without God helping me. Not everyone struggles with the same sin. I don’t struggle with sexual sin but I have other struggles that I need God to give me the strength to not commit them.

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