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Jana Duggar Spotted With Potential Love Interest?

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Fans believe they may have spotted Jana Duggar with a potential love interest in recent photos from her Italian getaway with her brother James. In one of the photos, fans spotted an unfamiliar male who appeared to be traveling with Jana and James. Could Jana Duggar finally be courting someone? Scroll down to take a look at the photo and see what fans are saying about it.

Jana Duggar, YouTube

Jana Duggar spotted with a potential love interest?

Jana and her brother James along with some long-time friends recently left Arkansas to enjoy an Italian getaway. Fans, however, spotted an unfamiliar man hanging out with the group on their travels. Could Jana have a potential suitor? Is she courting someone?

Here’s what one fan had to say in the headline of a thread containing a photo of this mystery man: “Potential Jana love interest? He’s the only one on the trip that isn’t a family member (besides Laura and Elijah who we’ve established as long-time friends).”

Here is the photo that was shared on the Reddit thread of the mystery man:

Duggar - Instagram/Reddit
Duggar – Instagram/Reddit

Fans share thoughts on potential courting

Jana Duggar did recently move out of her parents home and into a tiny house on Jim Bob Duggar’s property. Fans speculate Jana isn’t needed in the home as all of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children are growing up. Likewise, fans suspect the previous neglect charge against her is the reason why Jim Bob pushed her out of the house. Alternatively, if Jana Duggar is currently courting a potential husband, this could also explain why she is living in the tiny home.

Fans, however, were a little surprised to learn Jana took off on an Italian getaway with her brother and some friends. Traditionally, females within the Duggar family require supervision to stray on this sort of trip. Fans, however, agree Jana could have argued with her father that James was her supervision for the trip. Likewise, many fans hope Jana finally decided to stop letting her father control her and that’s why she’s really on this trip without him nearby.

Jana Duggar Instagram
Jana Duggar Instagram

There were some fans who pointed out the mystery man in the photo was a family friend. The individuals claiming this, however, did not share any additional details such as a name of the man.

Now, fans have pretty mixed feelings about this mystery man being a potential love interest. Some fans admit they want Jana to stay single as it is something members of this family just don’t do. Moreover, there are many fans who still aren’t entirely convinced Jana is even straight. It has been a longstanding rumor that Jana remains single because she’s into women. Moreover, some fans also speculate Jana is actually still single because she doesn’t want children.

Do you think the mystery man could be a love interest of Jana Duggar? Or, is this wishful thinking from fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and keep coming back for more Duggar news!

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