Fans Angry After Rihanna Seemingly Lip-Syncs At Super Bowl

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Fans are not too happy after Rihanna appeared to lip-sync during her Super Bowl halftime performance. Though many viewers were distracted by her baby bump, others noticed her singing. Sadly, they were not impressed and wished that she would have done better. So, what exactly did they have to say about her halftime show? Read on for more details.

Fans Angry After Rihanna Seemingly Lip-Syncs At Super Bowl

Rihanna made quite a splash during her halftime performance. Most people seemed very distracted by her noticeable baby bump over anything else. Pregnancy rumors went viral while she was singing some of her greatest hits. The performer was wearing a red jumpsuit that was unzipped to reveal a belly. She had a sly smile on her face so it was hard to tell if this was a grand reveal or not. Eventually, the news came out after the show was over that she and A$AP Rocky are expecting baby number two.

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However, the bump was not the only thing that caught viewers’ attention. According to Meaww, fans believe that Rihanna was lip-synching during her performance. Moreover, they did not appreciate the way that she did not appear to care about even trying to look like she was singing live. They immediately took to social media to express their frustration over the performance and the lip-synching debacle. “Imagine the serve it would be if Rihanna brought out Tatianna and Alyssa Edwards to lip-sync while she performs Shut Up and Drive,” one tweeted.

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Another added: “Rihanna’s lip-sync track is off. Badly. If you’re going to get artists to show up and lip-sync, you could just pay for the music rights, hire a dance troupe and show a 10-story poster of the artist.” Some felt that she should have spiced things up by doing a live lip-sync battle during her performance. “#AppleMusicHalftime Rihanna couldn’t even lip-sync well. Such an underwhelming performance at the #SuperBowl,” one stated.

A Lackluster Show

As the last fan tweeted, there were viewers who just were not impressed with Rihanna’s halftime show. Yes, she floated in the air while pregnant but that did not mean much for those who were there for the concert aspect. “I kept asking @GoodHumorGrl if she thought Rihanna was singing live because it seemed to me like a lip-sync. (no huffing or heavy breathing) I also expected a lot more pizzazz – water, diamond lights, etc. The hovering was cool, but meh,” someone tweeted. There were fireworks displayed throughout the halftime show but that is pretty typical for these performances.

Did you question if Rihanna was singing live or not? More so, do you wish the show was more spectacular than it was? Let us know in the comments below.


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