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Disgusted Michelle Duggar Cuts Off Golden Son Josh?

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Has Michelle Duggar cut off communication with her once golden son, Josh? Fans are convinced Jim Bob Duggar’s wife Michelle is disgusted with the man her son Josh has become and has cut off all communication with him. What has fans convinced Michelle is done with her son Josh? Keep reading for the details on this fan theory.

Disgusted Michelle Duggar cuts off Josh?

Taking to Reddit, one Duggar fan questions if anyone else thinks Michelle has stopped talking to her son Josh. “Do you think that Michelle speaks to Joshy now?” The individual penned in the header of their thread.

They proceeded to explain: “She didn’t go to his trial at all. Does anyone else think that she might actually be as disgusted as she should be with him?”

Now, the OP made sure to clarify they had no judgment for Michelle. In fact, they completely understood why she would cut her son off and stop talking to him.

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar, YouTube

Another fan reminded that a former bodyguard of the family spilled a bit of tea on Michelle’s relationship with Josh during an AMA on Reddit. During the AMA, the bodyguard admitted that Michelle was furious with Josh. “I think deep i her heart she knows he is awful. Maybe that’s why you still see her with Jill.”

Too little, too late?

Other fans chimed in that it was a “too little, too late” situation. Fans admit they could care less if she was furious or disgusted with her son. And, they could care less if they cut him off and stopped talking to him. Why? Because fans take a bigger issue with the fact that Michelle Duggar did nothing to protect her daughters from Josh in the moment.

100% agreed. She didn’t do anything to protect her kids other than make up weird rules separating the girls from the boys, that I’m sure did nothing but confuse the kids worse. But if I think the girls would judge her less harshly than JB, because they know she is supposed to follow his rules or risk burning in hell fire forever.

Now, some Duggar fans believe Michelle Duggar has just disassociated from what is going on with Josh and is committed to ignoring it. These fans argue Michelle didn’t go to trial because that made it easier to pretend like it wasn’t happening.

Michelle Duggar, Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

Other fans speculate Michelle Duggar actually blames herself for the kind of man Josh turned into.

Do you think Michelle Duggar still talks to her golden son? Or, do you think she’s disgusted and has cut him off? Let us know your answers in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Duggar family.

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  1. she knows what her son did was not right and not going to the trail don’t go away either She should feel guilty for not protecting her daughters I’m glad to see the girls breaking free and finding a new life Jim Bob has lost control of his daughters They need to feel guilty for making there girls baby machines there’s more to life than having babies and Jana keep breaking free your old enough to make your own decisions

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