‘OutDaughtered’: Aunt KiKi Mills Does Drag, Where Is Uncle Dale?

OutDaughtered Aunt KiKi Works Muscles She Didn't Know She Had [Credit: Aunt KiKi/Instagram]

OutDaughtered fans saw a side of Aunt KiKi Mills they hadn’t seen before as she did a little drag this weekend. Now, before you get too excited and start looking for snapshots of Aunt KiKi dressed up as a drag king — Uncle Dale Mills’ wife didn’t actually do drag. She, however, did attend some sort of drag show over the weekend. Naturally, one big question fans had was simple: Where was Uncle Dale?

Aunt KiKi - Instagram
Aunt KiKi – Instagram

OutDaughtered: Aunt KiKi Mills Does Drag, Where Is Uncle Dale?

Aunt KiKi Mills took to Instagram on Saturday to share several clips of her enjoying herself at a drag show. Now, she was not in any of the clips and there were only a few brief ones. But, it did look and sound as though everyone was having a great time enjoying a little drag this weekend. Unfortunately, the lack of information didn’t give fans much information on what exactly Aunt KiKi was celebrating or who she went to the drag show with.

She did have an older post on her Instagram Stories celebrating a friend’s birthday. So, the two events could have been connected. But, there were several hours between the two posts. So, the drag show also could have had nothing to do with the birthday celebration at all.

Aunt KiKi - Instagram
Aunt KiKi – Instagram

Danielle Busby’s Instagram activity reveals that she was relaxing at home while her husband Adam enjoyed a monster truck show with the girls. So, fans could rule out Danielle or Adam as possible guests at the drag show.

Did Uncle Dale Tag Along?

Now, OutDaughtered fans have no idea if Uncle Dale attended the drag show with his wife Crystal. But, Uncle Dale has always been considered the fun one of the family. So attending a drag show certainly sounds like something Uncle Dale would have a blast doing. Though, fans don’t think he would be able to resist putting on a costume and getting on stage to perform.

Aunt KiKi - Instagram
Aunt KiKi – Instagram

OutDaughtered fans speculate that if Uncle Dale had gone with Aunt KiKi to the drag show, he would have also posted about it on his own Instagram profile. Because he didn’t, fans assume it is possible he stayed home with his kids while Aunt KiKi enjoyed the drag show. It, however, is also possible he took their kids and went to the monster truck show with Adam and his girls.

While fans don’t have all the details, they hope Aunt KiKi enjoyed herself!


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