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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown Gives Fans Message Of Hope

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Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown enjoys sharing some inspirational quotes with her fans every once in a while. She has been open about her mental health struggles with fans. More so, being part of the show has gained her quite a following. These followers understand her mental health struggles and try to help in any way that they can. Rain continues to try to be a positive influence on her Instagram followers and share important messages with them.

Rain Brown’s Newest Message

As much love as Rain gets on social media, she recently got some hate for her tattoos. Some of her followers told her that she was spoiling her body with them. She didn’t let this bother her though. Rain decided to continue to share positive messages with her fans. In a recent post on Instagram, she wrote, “God loves you. #staystrong #stayhappy #godisgood.”

Rain Brown- Instagram
Rain Brown- Instagram

Her fans were quick to react to her post. One wrote to her, “I’m glad you sought help, the stigma around mental health issues makes it difficult for some people to do that and now that people have seen your struggles, hopefully, they will see it’s worth it.” Most of her fans told her how beautiful she is and how they loved watching her grow on the show. There were others that questioned what kind of statement this was. Some even asked her if she was a Christian because they weren’t too sure. Nonetheless, she got a lot of love for this hopeful message.

The Brown Family Side Hustles

As fans watch Alaskan Bush People, they have started to wonder if they all have side hustles to make money. We have seen them all working on their ranches and houses, but what else do they do for money? Rain Brown has started working with Cameo and doing messages and videos for her fans. This is a great side hustle for her and has brought in some extra cash. Rain does feel as if Cameo is actually a way for her to connect with fans. Yes, she does make money from it, but she likes getting to know people this way.

Rain Brown- Instagram
Rain Brown- Instagram

However, Rain is not the only member of the wolf pack to work with Cameo. Her brother, Bear Brown charges $35 per Cameo that he sends, which is fairly reasonable. Noah Brown has also signed up to do Cameos for fans, charging $40 per message. Bam and Bird Brown also charge $40 for each message that they send to their fans. It does seem as if this is a good way for them to make money. So, in their downtime from the show, they still have money coming in.

We are happy to see that Rain is doing well these days and spreading hope. What do you think of her hopeful messages? Do you enjoy them? Let us know in the comments below what you think. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People. 


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