‘600-Lb. Life’ Lacey Buckingham Drops 200 Pounds, Fans Doubt It

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The My 600-Lb. Life episode featuring Lacey Buckingham is one that most fans refer to as a “dumpster fire.” While fans claim they want happy episodes and success stories, they also enjoy a good trainwreck story too. And, Lacey Buckingham certainly delivered.

Lacey Buckingham’s story was featured on Season 10, Episode 5 of My 600-Lb. Life. Season 11 is currently airing and TLC frequently airs reruns of past episodes. So, when Lacey’s episode airs… Fans can’t help but wonder if there is a 2023 update on where she is now or how she’s doing with her weight loss progress.

Fortunately, Lacey posts pretty frequent updates on social media for those interested in continuing to follow her story.

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Lacey Buckingham 2023 Update: Drops 200 Pounds

The TLC personality took to Facebook with a status update that she was feeling blessed. She noted that she was doing alright and really appreciated all of the people checking in on her and leaving kind messages. Moreover, she wanted everyone to know she was down to 456 pounds. As those who are familiar with her backstory know, this is just a little more than how much she weighed when she was 18. Doing the math, My 600-Lb. Life fans determined she had lost approximately 200 pounds.

600-Lb. Life Fans Aren’t Buying It

Unfortunately for this 2023 update on where Lacey Buckingham is now and how she’s doing with her weight loss is the fact that fans simply aren’t buying it. If there is one thing fans have learned watching her episode and her updates on social media it is simple: She’s a liar. During her time on the show and with the updates she’s presented to fans, Lacey has always struggled with telling the truth. So, fans are having a hard time believing she’s actually dropped 200 pounds.

On Reddit, fans admit the big reason they aren’t buying her weight loss claims is simply that she hasn’t posted a photo showing off her weight loss. One fan points out that they would show off photos of 10 pounds of weight loss. So, it is confusing as to why someone who dropped 200 pounds would not.

Lacey Buckingham from Facebook

Now, there is a possibility Lacey is under some sort of contract with TLC. It is possible she is coming back for a second episode with the network and isn’t allowed to post photos or videos showing off her weight loss. This, however, doesn’t completely track as chances are pretty good if she’s barred from posting photos she likely wouldn’t be allowed to talk about her weight loss either.

As much as her episode was a dumpster fire, I try to remember that this is Laceys back story.
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Do you think Lacey might’ve actually lost 200 pounds? Or, do you agree with fans that she’s a difficult person to take at her word? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And, keep coming back for more updates on My 600-Lb. Life.


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